Discover the Top 5 Classic Cannabis Strains You Need to Try!


Regular cannabis seeds follow the natural order of things. When you plant one of these seeds in the soil, you enter into a realm where there’s an equal 50/50 chance of witnessing the emergence of a male or female plant. Males contribute by producing the valuable pollen needed for home breeding projects, while females thrive in producing robust flowers and viable cuttings, simplifying the cloning process and bypassing the need for germination.

Regular cannabis seeds have the unique characteristic of yielding both male and female plants, setting them apart from feminized strains, which exclusively produce female flowers. While many home growers seek only female plants for their flowers and commonly opt for feminized seeds, it’s vital to recognize the indispensable role regular seeds play in cannabis cultivation, spanning from breeding projects to facilitating cloning processes.

While cannabis consumption in Texas is legal, it does come with associated state taxes. However, if you intend to use cannabis for medicinal purposes, obtaining legal access is a crucial step. To do so, you must apply for a medical marijuana card in Texas. You have two options: you can either visit a local marijuana clinic or, for added convenience, apply for a medical card online in Texas from the comfort of your own home.

The Benefits of Choosing Regular Cannabis Seeds

You might wonder, why bother with regular cannabis seeds? After all, won’t they just fill up your grow space with potentially unwanted male plants that need identifying and separating later?

Indeed, for some growers, regular seeds may seem like more effort than they’re willing to invest. However, it’s crucial to remember that regular seeds play a pivotal role in securing access to new strains and robust genetics. Breeders, in particular, depend on regular cannabis seeds to harness the full potential of both female and male plants, obtaining both flowers and pollen for their breeding projects.

For home growers, regular seeds offer the exciting opportunity to embark on their own breeding projects. Imagine discovering a strain with a captivating terpene profile and another with a delightful high; with regular seeds, you can crossbreed them to create a new cultivar that embodies the best of both worlds.

1. Amnesia Haze

Within the cannabis haven of the Netherlands, there exists a strain that commands unparalleled respect—Amnesia Haze. Our Amnesia Haze regular cannabis seeds proudly showcase the extraordinary potency and majestic structure inherited from the iconic Original Amnesia.

From the very first inhale, these flowers immerse you in a trippy wave that magically enhances the world’s brightness and beauty. As you journey further, a subtle, soothing physical high gradually envelops you, leaving you in a state of relaxed elevation. With a formidable THC content of 22%, users are advised not to underestimate the sheer intensity of the Amnesia experience. Every inhalation reveals divine flavor notes of earthy citrus, spice, and herbs that are simply divine.

2. White Widow

Whether your intent is breeding or personal indulgence, White Widow regular seeds are your ticket to an unforgettable experience. This iconic strain, boasting a balanced 50/50 indica/sativa heritage, offers a high that combines uplifting euphoria with soothing physical relaxation.

Derived directly from White Widow S1, our regular White Widow strain is not only more reliable and robust than its predecessors, but it also retains the complex terpene profile and impressive potency of the original. Users can expect a delightful medley of flavors, including hints of pepper, earthiness, and subtle sweetness, all accompanied by a respectable THC content of 19%. Surprisingly, even with its seemingly moderate potency, just a couple of hits are enough to spark introspection or fuel engaging philosophical conversations with friends.

3. Critical

If you’re on the hunt for massive harvests from resilient plants, allow us to introduce you to Critical regular. Whether you’re seeking exceptional breeding stock or bountiful female plants, Critical is the strain that rises to the occasion. By combining the genetic prowess of legends Afghan S1 and Skunk S1, it comes as no surprise that this strain is primed to deliver excellence from the very beginning, starting from the seed and culminating in a sublime smoking experience.

Beyond its impressive productivity, Critical is also celebrated for its wholesome high. Boasting a moderate THC content of 18%, it provides a solid foundation for a wealth of relaxing terpenes that offer a soothing, yet not overwhelming, physical stone. All the while, delightful flavors of earth, fruity candy, and pine make every toke a pleasurable journey for your senses.

4. Skunk XL

Skunk, the strain that played a pivotal role in the evolution of commercial cannabis growing, continues to shine through its offspring, and Skunk XL regular seeds are no exception. These seeds are a valuable asset for both breeders and cultivators alike. True to its name, this hybrid, born from the union of Skunk S1 and Afghan genetics, excels in the yield department just as much as it impresses in other aspects.

When it comes to its effects, Skunk XL delivers a harmonious mind-body high. As a well-balanced 50/50 indica/sativa hybrid with a tantalizing blend of stimulating and relaxing terpenes, it first ushers in a wave of euphoria followed by a robust body stone. And let’s not forget the signature sweet and skunky flavor cherished by many cannabis enthusiasts.

5. Shining Silver Haze

Haze strains have earned their place in the hearts of cannabis enthusiasts for a multitude of reasons, with each Haze variant bringing its own unique charm to the table. Now, meet Shining Silver Haze regular weed seeds, a cannabis variety that draws upon a diverse genetic palette, including the illustrious Haze, Northern Lights, and Skunk strains. Shining Silver Haze not only delivers an electrifying high but also boasts bountiful yields.

One of the standout features of SSH is its earthy and sweet citrus flavor, a nod to the best qualities of the Haze lineage. To truly savor the essence of this strain’s flavor profile, consider using a vaporizer for an unadulterated taste experience. As hinted, the high induced by Shining Silver Haze is invigorating and energetic, making it perfect for active solo sessions or social gatherings with friends. While it may not be the top choice for nighttime use, it’s undoubtedly a contender for your wake-and-bake rituals.

It’s essential to note that using marijuana to address medical conditions without possessing a valid medical marijuana card in Texas is considered illegal and may lead to penalties and potential imprisonment. Obtaining a medical marijuana card is the legal pathway to access cannabis for medicinal use. Furthermore, you have the option to apply for a medical card online in Texas, providing a convenient and accessible way to secure legal access from the comfort of your own home.

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