Common Questions About COVID-19 Vaccine Answered

With great perseverance from multiple health professionals and the combined diplomatic efforts of national governments, the roll-out of various COVID-19 vaccines have already begun....

No Time for Hesitation: Estonian Digital Ambitions and Achievements in times of Coronavirus

By Viljar Veebel, Baltic Defence College, Estonia A successful term in the role of the EU presidency in 2017 lent to raised expectations that Estonia could...
digital health care

Good governance is the missing prescription for better digital health care

By Linying Dong Recently Ontario released its Digital First for Health strategy — aiming to further digitize health care and end the problem of overcrowded hospitals and “hallway...

The Effects of African Leaders’ Preference for Foreign Medical Care

By Olusegun Akinfenwa During his campaign for the 2015 general elections, President Muhammadu Buhari of Nigeria pledged to end medical tourism if elected. However, just...
covid 19 vaccine

What Europe-Bound Travelers Need to Know About PCR and COVID-19 Testing

As the world continues to feel the overwhelming effects of COVID-19, the arrival of the coronavirus vaccine may bring good news and signal the...
Innovation through eHealth Startups

Healthcare Trends in 2021: Innovation through eHealth Startups

The COVID-19 pandemic did more than just highlight certain vulnerabilities and shortcomings within the existing healthcare model, it also presented opportunities for healthcare startups...
digital healthcare

5 Must-Watch Trends Set to Shape the 2021 Healthcare Sector

The effects of the coronavirus pandemic were rattling—especially for the healthcare sector. As people worldwide struggled to navigate ever-changing regulations and devastating losses, those...
Vaccine Nationalism Is a Multilateral, Neocolonial Failure

Vaccine Nationalism Is a Multilateral, Neocolonial Failure

By Dr. Dan Steinbock In the coming months, vaccine nationalism is likely to compound COVID-19 economic damage and penalize more lives. It reflects the utter...
Covid 19 vaccine

Cultural adaptation is critical to Covid vaccine campaign success

By Melanie Chevalier As the much hoped for COVID-19 vaccines make their way across the globe and into our communities, many will be heralding this...

Wrongful Death Claim: Is a Hospital Liable for a Negligent Doctor?

Wrongful death refers to the carelessness of an individual that results in the death of another. According to statistics, hundreds of thousands of people...

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