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When People Come First

By João Biehl & Adriana Petryna The Global health community is an evolving and expanding field. Below, João Biehl and Adriana Petryna consider the importance...
digital health care

Good governance is the missing prescription for better digital health care

By Linying Dong Recently Ontario released its Digital First for Health strategy — aiming to further digitize health care and end the problem of overcrowded hospitals and “hallway...

Rebuilding Retirement System Resiliency in the Wake of the Financial Crisis

By Raimond Maurer, Olivia S. Mitchell & Mark Warshawsky The global financial meltdown has had important repercussions for capital market returns, labor market earnings, household...
Vaccine Nationalism Is a Multilateral, Neocolonial Failure

Vaccine Nationalism Is a Multilateral, Neocolonial Failure

By Dr. Dan Steinbock In the coming months, vaccine nationalism is likely to compound COVID-19 economic damage and penalize more lives. It reflects the utter...

COVID-19: We Must Use Behavioral Science to Communicate Better during the Delicate Reopening Period

By Carlos Scartascini, Déborah Martínez, and Ana María Rojas  The number of people infected with the novel coronavirus has surpassed 5 million worldwide. However, a...

China’s Pioneering Effort to Contain Virus Outbreak Economic and Human Costs of the New...

By Dan Steinbock Chinese government has used strong measures to contain the spread of the coronavirus outbreak in Wuhan. The human costs and economic impact...
Medical Career for Women

Choosing a Medical Career for Women

After watching heartbreaking episodes of Grey's Anatomy, your favorite program focused on the life of physicians, have you ever fantasized about being a member...

Nearly All Medical Debt to Be Wiped From US Credit Reports

Three of the US’ top credit bureaus have announced that many consumers will soon have their medical debt wiped from their credit reports. Medical debt...

Top 3 Global Strategies on Digital Health

The World Health Organization (WHO) has formulated a global strategy on digital health for 2020-2025. It aims at improving health for everyone all over...

The Trump-Ryan Healthcare Act: Some Economic Consequences

By Jack Rasmus While Republicans on the Right and the Far Right wrangle over whether to repeal the Obamacare Affordable Care Act (ACA), or just...

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