Can Ethereum or Big Eyes Coin Outperform Bitcoin in a Bull Market?

Can Ethereum or Big Eyes Coin Outperform Bitcoin in a Bull Market

Bitcoin in 2023 crossed the mark of almost $30,000 in April, indicating that the bull market has begun in the world of crypto. With the remarkable success of bitcoin, the value of other digital currencies is expected to soar, as a ripple effect takes place in the market. Experts anticipate that this surge will soon surpass all limits. While Ethereum (ETH) has struggled to keep pace with BTC’s momentum in the past, its recent transition from a proof-of-work to a proof-of-stake system has positioned it as a greener alternative within the market. This shift reflects an emerging trend in the cryptocurrency realm, where conscious consideration is given to the environmental impact and carbon emissions. If you are interested in Bitcoin, you must consider knowing about the Benefits of Bitcoin for Aviation.

As new currencies are introduced to the public, they may have a lot of flexibility to explore many ways to have sustainable crypto practices. In short, the crypto industry is experiencing an increasingly rapid trend with a growing focus on market stability.

Shanghai Crypto Regulation Update Industry

Developments in Shanghai crypto regulation have resulted in significant updates and implications for the industry, particularly for Ethereum (ETH). Historically, ETH has faced several challenges to maintain its dominance since Bitcoin’s rapid growth. The key aspect of the Shanghai Update is the transition from traditional Proof of Work (PoW) systems to a more efficient as well as eco-friendly Proof of Stake (PoS) consensus mechanism. The single purpose of this change is to help address many of the scalability and stability concerns associated with PoW, which requires consuming both computational power and energy on a large scale. By adopting PoS, ETH aims to not only improve its scalability and transaction speed but also reduce its carbon footprint, positioning itself as an environmentally conscious currency.

The move towards sustainability is not isolated to ETH alone but reflects a growing trend in the crypto industry. As the world becomes increasingly aware of the pressing need to address climate change and reduce carbon emissions, cryptocurrencies are under scrutiny for their environmental impact. By adopting PoS, ETH sets an example for other digital currencies to follow, encouraging them to explore more eco-friendly alternatives.

The Shanghai update holds the potential to increase demand for ETH and boost its value in the market. With a more energy-efficient and scalable network, ETH becomes an attractive option for investors and users alike. The transition to PoS also opens up new opportunities for innovation and development within the Ethereum ecosystem, as developers have more freedom to experiment with sustainable practices and contribute to the overall stability of the market.

Big Eyes Coin’s Environmental Commitments

In response to the evolving market demands, Big Eyes Coin (BIG) has emerged as a promising player in the crypto industry with a strong focus on addressing climate change. Recognizing the significance of environmental concerns, BIG distinguishes itself from other currencies by rejecting outdated and unsustainable practices that could render them obsolete. Governments have scrutinized the crypto industry for its environmental impact, and BIG demonstrates its commitment to tackling these concerns by prioritizing environmental charity in its manifesto. Even during the presale stage, which concludes on June 3rd, BIG has already made its environmental stance clear, attracting the attention of numerous investors who recognize the opportunity to support a currency that actively contributes to positive environmental change while seeking maximum return on investment.


In conclusion, the Shanghai crypto regulation update and the adoption of PoS by Ethereum mark a significant milestone in the industry. By embracing sustainability and reducing its environmental impact, ETH aims to increase demand, boost its value, and position itself as a leader in the evolving crypto landscape. This development reflects a broader trend within the industry, where cryptocurrencies are increasingly conscious of their environmental footprint and strive for stability and sustainability in the market.

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