Buffets Finance Review – A Great Tool for Options Trading

buffet finance review

Each investment instrument and derivative have its own “risk-reward” ratio/profile as well as a level of complexity. For example, bonds are relatively easy to decipher from an investment perspective, whereas derivatives (like options) can be quite complex, especially for beginner investors. They are also relatively riskier, but the reward is also proportionally higher.

The right options broker, which offers comprehensive research and a healthy library of helpful resources, can be a great first step towards options trading, and Buffets Finance is one candidate worth considering.

Options Trading vs. Other Investment Instruments

When you are choosing a broker like Buffets Finance for options trading, you should keep in mind why and how it is different from other instruments. That’s because even though you can look for many of the same characteristics that help other online brokers and platforms stand apart from the competition, there are some things that might be exclusive to options trading.

There are several brokers that allow you to invest in other instruments (especially stocks, bonds, and ETFs) and options simultaneously. But even if the tools and features surrounding stocks and ETFs are top of the line, they may lack the same strength when it comes to options trading. Then there are dedicated options brokers, which might come equipped with all the right tools. Still, you may need to keep a separate investment account (with a different broker) for other instruments, which will effectively “split” your portfolio.

All of these factors should be considered when you are choosing the right options broker.

Buffets Finance – The Right Options Trading Solution

While Buffets Finance may not be the perfect solution for all options traders, it’s the best solution for most of them. And there are several reasons why.


Even though stocks and ETFs have gone commission-less for a relatively long time, most options brokers still charge a small commission to execute a contract. The good news is that Buffets Finance charges a relatively minimal commission, regardless of the trading volume. This keeps things simple and your cost of investment predictable. And considering the strengths of this broker, the small fees are more than justified.

Platform Experience

Buffets Finance’s platform experience is exquisite. It’s quite intuitive, so even beginner investors can get familiar with it quite easily. It’s also quite smooth and flexible, so you can change things around, especially in the main window, to get the configuration precisely as you like it. You lose a bit of this flexibility in the mobile version, but the experience is just as smooth, and you still have access to all the tools, just in a relatively stripped-down version.

Research and Resources

That’s one area that justifies Buffets Finance’s commissions. The research surrounding different options contracts is thorough yet easily comprehensible. It’s not so convoluted that only seasoned investors can make sense of it, which makes the platform perfect for beginners. The research and information provided by the platform allow investors to expand their reach and invest in options they may not have prior experience with, thus increasing their range.

The educational resources follow the same pattern. They cover almost everything, from guides for beginner investors to the breakdown of complex options strategies (like reverse iron albatross spread).

Tools And Advanced Options

Buffets Finance comes with all the necessary tools and options traders might need and more. And you can tell by the functionality and cleanliness of these tools and features that they are not simply the stock/ETF tools repurposed for options, but instead designed exclusively for these complex derivatives. Buffets Finance also allows you to execute advanced options strategies and contracts like multi-leg options.

Customer Support

The customer support offered by Buffets Finance is modest, at best. The representatives are very knowledgeable and helpful when they can be reached. This is one area where the platform’s comparison to larger, more mature brokers doesn’t fall in its favor. However, the helpful resources and guides available on the website usually allow traders to find the solutions on their own without the need to reach out to customer support.

Buffets Finance FAQs

Is Buffets Finance available in all countries?

 Buffets Finance offers options trading in a limited number of countries for now. However, it may change in the future.

Are there cheaper alternatives to Buffets Finance?

Yes. There are several options brokers that offer significantly lower fees compared to Buffets Finance, but this reflects in the features and research as well.

Is Buffets Finance a good options broker for beginners?

 Buffets Finance is an ideal choice for beginners and experts alike. Its research, resources, and tools make it ideal for almost every type of options trader.

Final Words

Options trading can become quite complicated, and you may end up making mistakes, not just in reading the market but when it comes to property executing a contract. A great broker like Buffets Finance can help keep these mistakes and your losses to a minimum.

If you are looking for a solid and holistic options broker, sign up with Buffets Finance today.

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