Bitcoin Prime: Is it worth using?


Crypto trading is booming and people all over the world are realizing that automated trading software could help them take full advantage of the popularity of cryptocurrencies. Thus, the demand for trading robots has also grown exponentially in recent years.

But the resulting demand has also led to the creation of many scams in the market, which makes it essential to promote trading software such as Bitcoin Prime. That’s why we try to describe Bitcoin Prime’s technology here as objectively as possible and give an overview of the platform.

What is Bitcoin Prime?

All trading robots promise to automate day-to-day crypto trading activities, but Bitcoin Prime takes automation to the next level by integrating artificial intelligence processes and mechanisms into market analysis. Moreover, the software interface is easy to use even for new and inexperienced traders. Bitcoin Prime’s AI-powered algorithms collect and analyze market data faster than any human could.

Who created Bitcoin Prime?

The official Bitcoin Prime website claims that Steve McKay is the man behind the trading robot. It would be a veteran of Wall Street who would have spent most of his time trading on behalf of large banks. According to reports online, McKay developed a knack for algorithmic trading about 3 years ago and he has improved since then.

According to reports, McKay started working on Bitcoin Prime 3 years ago and the project got serious after he managed to collaborate with programmers who had strong experience in software development. According to the Bitcoin Prime website, the trading robot has just passed the beta testing phase and the claim is that it could potentially generate high profits for its users.

Start trading in 3 easy steps

1. Open a free account

Registration is quick and easy because Bitcoin Prime does not waste time with unrealistic requests for personal information. You just need to provide your full name, a phone number and an email address.

2. Make a deposit

Once you submit the information, Bitcoin Prime performs quick checks, after which the software redirects you to the appropriate affiliate broker. You can then fund your account via the broker’s platform.

3. Start trading

You can start trading with the demo account to practice before moving to the real account. Real trading is only possible after funding your account. You can trade both on the mobile app and on the site.

Advantages and disadvantages of Bitcoin Prime


– Cross-platform access: Bitcoin Prime has a mobile app as well as an internet platform, allowing users to access their accounts on the go.

– Easy to use: The software has a simple user interface with clearly labeled tabs and sections. The aesthetics and contours of the interface provide a satisfying user experience.

– Demo account: Few trading robots offer users the opportunity to “test” the software before putting their funds on the line. Bitcoin Prime indeed incorporates a demo trading account function whose performance is almost as good as those of the real account.

– AI Algorithms: The Bitcoin Prime website claims that the software works with AI-based algorithms. This technology is powerful, which implies that Bitcoin Prime has the potential to outperform its competitors.

– Variety of payment methods: Bitcoin Prime accepts payment by bank cards and various digital payment platforms.

– The software is free: Just open a free account and download the software.

– Responsive customer service: Bitcoin Prime’s customer service team runs 24/7 communication channels and they respond relatively quickly.


– Initial deposit: Full access to Bitcoin Prime requires a deposit of $250.

– Inability to eliminate market risk: The software is not able to reduce market risk due to the highly speculative nature of the cryptocurrency market.

So is it worth using? Of course!

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