Best Strains to Buy From a Marijuana Dispensary for Some Giggle


Smoking marijuana with your friends is always fun and exciting. This herb is just amazing. It is known for elevating mood and providing relief from stress and anxiety as well. But have you ever experienced giggling after consuming marijuana?

Marijuana can offer a wide variety of effects, including various therapeutic and health benefits. You can visit any marijuana dispensary in your area and buy strains according to your needs. However, elevating the mood and making you giggle is one of the most unique effects.

You must have seen in many movies that marijuana can make people giggle in a silly way. While most movies misrepresent the effects of marijuana, this giggling effect is just about right. In fact, a study published in Experimental Clinical Psychopharmacology shows the connection between laughing and marijuana. It showed that marijuana can stimulate blood flow in certain parts of the brain responsible for causing laughter.

Marijuana can promote the release of dopamine and serotonin, and hence boost your mood. In this post, we have prepared a list of strains that you can consume for a good laugh. So, read the post and learn more about them.

Strain 1. Laughing Buddha

We can not start the list of strains that make you laugh with any other strain than Laughing Buddha. The name says it all. This strain comes with moderate levels of THC (about 18 percent) and offers a cerebral high that can make you smile like anything.

Laughing Buddha is a Sativa dominant hybrid strain (more info here) that is a cross between Jamaican and Thai marijuana strains. It has a distinctive, potent taste and can offer joyful feelings that can last for a long time. Throughout the high of this amazing strain, you will feel elated and more relaxed.

Strain 2. Church OG

Also known as the silly strain, Church OG is the perfect strain for some good laughs. This strain is downright silly but can also offer some medicinal benefits. You can visit any marijuana dispensary in Santa Ana and buy this strain for some out-of-control laughter.

Church OG is an Indica dominant hybrid strain that comes with moderate levels of THC (about 19 percent). However, if you end up getting too high, it can glue you to your couch and make you fall asleep in an instant. That is why it is better to use it in the evening.

Strain 3. Sweet Diesel

The last strain on this list is Sweet Diesel, which is a cross of OG Kush and Sour Diesel. This strain can come with a THC level that stays between 10 percent and 22 percent. 

Sweet Diesel offers an energetic high that can also help you with your creative hobbies for hours. If you have been experiencing some tension lately, this amazing strain can be a great choice for you.

There are a lot of advantages to consuming marijuana, both medicinal and recreational. The above-mentioned strains are some of the best ones you can buy from a marijuana dispensary for some time with laughs.

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