Best Cryptocurrency Options — Invest in Them Right Now!


Business is booming in the world of cryptocurrency. Since its induction in 2003, the crypto market has consistently risen to greater heights, showing little to no signs of stopping. The amount of money spent by ardent crypto miners to this date is staggering. Hence, just imagine the amount of revenue generated from all those investments! There is no bad time to join this wave of crypto mining. Know the right methods, and you will accumulate your own cryptocurrency in no time.

While there are many active cryptocurrencies in circulation these days, some are more popular than others. Bitcoin is the most traded and mined crypto among all of them. In fact, it was the very first cryptocurrency introduced to the masses and has maintained its market dominance ever since. Ethereum, Cardano, Dogecoin, Ripple, Cardano, Tether, OMG, HNT, VeChain, etc, are some of the most prominent cryptocurrencies in circulation nowadays. Make sure you figure out the right crypto for you depending on your budget, skill set, and needs. This article provides information regarding some of the best cryptocurrencies to invest in right now!

The Devices Required to Mine Cryptocurrency

The very first hurdle in the quest to start mining cryptocurrency is acquiring the necessary equipment. This, essentially, is the most expensive investment in the entire process. However, if all goes well and according to the norms, you might not have to spend a single penny afterward. You can set it up and forget about it completely, and still keep earning substantial amounts of money passively.

For mining cryptocurrency, the most important device is a mining rig. These are compact gadgets that are built with the sole purpose of accommodating a graphics processing unit (GPU) inside and making use of its extensive processing power to mine cryptocurrency online. These are dedicated devices that serve their purpose very well and are widely used around the world. If you are opting to mine, say, Helium Network Tokens (HNT), make sure you acquire the best helium miner for the most effective results. The Bobcat 300, Syncrobit, RAK V2, and Nebra are all exceptional performers in the field of HNT mining.

Additionally, a GPU is required which serves the purpose of providing the necessary processing power for taking part in the blockchain manipulation phases of crypto mining. A high-end power supply is needed to power the entire setup. Some users prefer mining directly from their personal computers, which require even stronger power supplies to run the systems. The most implemented GPUs for mining nowadays include almost all of the variants in the NVIDIA RTX 3000 series or their AMD equivalents, however, the Nvidia RTX 3090 is the best performing.

Lastly, a mining tool or software package is needed to monitor and operate the entire procedure from the end of the user. Miners might need to halt or resume the process when they want, as well as control the use of processing power from the graphics processor. Furthermore, the cryptocurrency being earned is stored in the personal accounts of the miners in these very tools and software. The most popular ones include Ethminer, XMR Stack, and CGMiner.

The Ideal Cryptocurrencies to Invest in Right Now

As mentioned earlier, there are a lot of active cryptocurrencies in circulation. Below is a list of crypto that you should definitely consider if you are intending to join this profound venture.


The Helium cryptocurrency is known as Helium Network Tokens or HNT. As the name suggests, this brilliant crypto has all to do with wireless networks and connectivity issues around the world. The mechanism is pretty straightforward. Helium hotspots operate very similar to household WiFi routers but on a much grander scale. If you have a Helium network set up for mining, your mining rig (preferably the Bobcat 300) will connect to all off the network devices in range and continuously verify the connections. Due to the extensive power of the technology, flawless 5G connectivity can be provided to devices operating within the Helium network. It is like community service, but with massive rewards for seemingly negligible brainwork from the miner’s end.

The price of one unit of HNT is 20.94 US dollars at the time of writing this article. This is a great value compared to the effort and initial investment required to begin mining HNT. Keep at it and the revenue will keep gushing in!


Ethereum is arguably the second most popular cryptocurrency in the market ever since it was introduced. The mechanism involved is similar to mining Bitcoins in the sense that they use blockchain manipulation to perform the necessary verifications in the mining process. The idea is to develop smart contracts every time the required conditions are met, which are auto-executable and do not require human intervention. The blockchain ledger is decentralized and is open to any miner willing to contribute to it. Every time a miner makes a change in the ledger, or blockchain, a small portion of Ethereum is generated.

The growth of Ethereum has been tremendous ever since it was made accessible for the masses. The cost of one unit of Ethereum is a little below 35,000 US dollars as of now and is showing little signs of dropping based on track record.


The rise in the value of Cardano has seemingly risen exponentially in the past few months. The concept is simple: the technology implements the use of blockchains to verify instances in them. These are real-time calculations that the Cardano technology makes in order to contribute to the blockchain ledger. The smart contract aspect of blockchain manipulation is also soon to be added to Cardano to make it more viable for miners to use as a source of passive income.

The crypto-token associated with Cardano is known as ADA, which is equivalent to HNT in Helium mining. A single unit of ADA costs 2.45 US dollars at this point in time. Make sure you know all the ins and outs of Cardano mining before going for it.


Most people around the world think of Bitcoin when they hear the term “cryptocurrency.” To many, Bitcoin IS cryptocurrency! The impact of Bitcoins in the world of crypto mining can never be understated. In fact, this was the very first crypto introduced for mass usage.

The mechanism involves the validation of mathematical transactional values, which are then added to blockchains. Once added, the transactions are verified as the same transactions can never be done again due to them already being recorded once. This prevents double-spending among users and makes the entire system authentic. Bitcoin, or portions of it, is generated each time you verify a transaction.

The price of a single unit of Bitcoin is approximately 46,250 US dollars in the current market. As you can see, the price is massive. Do not expect to earn a whole bitcoin with each transaction your system verifies. Even small chunks of a single Bitcoin can be highly expensive. Make sure you know all the intricacies of Bitcoin mining before going all out for it.


As you can see by now, the field of cryptocurrency is an ever-growing market with relatively low barriers to entry. Once you have accumulated all the necessary devices, you should be ready to start mining your first-ever cryptocurrency. We recommend you go through comprehensive guides and tutorials to initially acquire the necessary knowledge regarding this field. Thus, you would be able to discern your capabilities and decide if you should or should not invest in this venture.

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