Best Countries to Outsource Your Call Center Agents

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Outsourcing to foreign countries can significantly reduce the price of high-quality call center services.

Here are the top outsourcing countries you need to know if you will set up your business.


The country is the world’s second-largest English-speaking population. It’s ideal for European and North American BPOs. Outsourcing software development to India is preferred since over 2.6 million STEM students graduate from Indian universities each year.

Despite the pandemic, the country placed second in Tholons Top 50 Digital Nations for 2021.

According to December 2021 exchange rates, India’s average monthly salary is 424.64 USD.


The Philippines, like India, is a top Asian outsourcing destination.

The Philippines has been endowed “The BPO Capital of the World” for over a decade. Microsoft, IBM, and Wells Fargo outsource to the Philippines.

No doubt that Filipinos are English proficient. The 2021 European Fellowship (EF) English Proficiency Index placed the Philippines 18th out of 100 countries. As of 2021, 98.18% of the population can read.

Filipinos excel at customer service, particularly for English-speaking businesses. The Philippines’ tax laws attract international outsourcing companies.

According to December 2021 exchange rates, the average Philippine monthly salary is 885.41 USD.


Latin America outsources to Mexico.

The country ranked eighth on Tholons Top 20 Digital Nations 2021, up from 13th in 2020.

Over 60 years, top companies have made waves in Mexico. The country has Latin America’s second-largest economy and largest bilingual workforce.

Mexico’s incentive programs encourage qualified workers and international investment in the business process outsourcing (BPO) industry, which has multiplied in recent decades. Offshore call centers like Apex Call Centers Mexico now thrive here.

Similar Time Zones to the US. Mexico is the closest outsourcing country to the US, and equal time zones ease outsourcing. US manufacturers outsourcing to Mexico can also benefit from proximity.

According to December 2021 exchange rates, Mexico’s average monthly salary is 1,529.76 USD.


Latin American outsourcing leader Brazil. Its tech infrastructure and talent pool are robust.

Brazil’s digital infrastructure is growing. The nation has 90 technology parks and 35 business accelerators, and Tech parks and centers house international companies and sizeable offshore development teams with cutting-edge digital infrastructure.

Brazil’s 2017 outsourcing regulations allow companies to outsource core and non-core activities. Thus, you can outsource your company’s core functions to Brazil.

According to December 2021 exchange rates, Brazil’s average monthly salary is 1,635 USD.


Malaysia is a growing outsourcing and IT market. Due to increased digital capabilities, it placed third in the 2021 Kearney Global Services Location Index.

Malaysians ranked third on the 2021 Asian English Proficiency Index, ranking 28th among 112 nations. Malaysian talent can efficiently outsource English-speaking services, and English-speaking businesses need customer service, content development, and more.

In December 2021, Malaysians earned 1,554.80 USD per month.


Latin America prefers Argentina for software outsourcing. With overlapping time zones, North American and Western European companies can outsource without hassle.

Argentina’s high-quality higher education produces tech graduates and software programmers. This talent is cheaper than in the US and UK.

In Argentina, Python offshore developers cost 1,183.04 USD per month. In the UK, outsourcing developers with the same skills costs 6,543.39 USD.

Argentina has driven Latin American IT.

MercadoLibre and Globant have established a tech hub in the country, and global companies now inhabit this tech ecosystem. As a result, Argentine outsourcing companies are software and mobile development, engineering, and cloud computing experts.

Using December 2021 exchange rates, Argentina’s average monthly salary is 447.79 USD.


Ukraine is becoming an outsourcing hotspot like Bulgaria and Romania. GSA named the nation “Delivery Destination of the Year 2021.” Ukraine loves outsourcing IT and software development.

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  • Technically-Skilled Talent Pool

Ukraine’s skilled professionals and students allow BPO companies to form teams quickly. They are becoming a software outsourcing leader under the government.

Outsourcing data shows over 200,000 IT specialists in the country. Over 30,000 tech graduates annually support Ukrainian developers.

Outsourcing to India, China, or Vietnam would conflict with time zones. However, Eastern European countries like Ukraine benefit from a similar time zone to European companies.

Concluding Call

While there is a call center for outsourcing, the quality of service is never compromised. In most cases, the process becomes smoother and faster.

Besides saving money, outsourcing helps businesses save time and let staff focus on other tasks. They are helpful since they can handle orders, complaints, technical support, and outbound marketing.

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