Best 5 TV Antenna Installation Companies in Albury-Wodonga

TV antenna

Are you struggling with your free or digital TV reception? The picture frequently freezes, shows various artifacts, drops out completely, or does something even worse? In that case, you need a hi-tech antenna. And not just that, you need antenna installation to be conducted properly too, because it definitely matters a lot. 

You need it to be of a model that suits your needs, placed high enough, facing the right direction, and properly mounted to withstand harsh weather conditions. Proper cabling is also crucial because you don’t want to find out that the insulation is punctured somewhere on the roof, and it has to be repaired date after the installation. And what’s even more important – you need to find a reliable digital antenna installer who will charge you only for what’s required. 

In the modern world, you don’t need to be a jack of all trades to be successful, and many people don’t have any idea about antennas, how they work, what their specs are, and how to read them. And antenna installers take advantage of that, selling people unnecessary goods and services. 

The same thing goes on when you want to install a satellite TV dish. Dozens of hardware manufacturers, hundreds of different channel packages, including God knows what, and when you call to have a basic package, a professional salesman instantly tries to upsell you. Such situations can only be avoided if you’re dealing with a local business whose owners and employees care about the community and are ready to give people exactly what they pay for.

After you read this, we hope that you’ll be able to find a trusted firm known for quality digital tv antenna installation in Albury Wodonga that has good reviews, provides after-installation maintenance and offers reasonable prices. And we’re going to make this list based on these parameters to help you make an informed decision. 

#1 Matrix Solutions

Matrix Solutions is focused on antenna installation, CCTV supply, and installation, flat TV wall mounting, and home theatre solutions and provides its services to Albury Wodonga and the neighboring areas. They’re proudly occupying first place on our chart for a few reasons:

  • Locally owned and operated business;
  • 8 years of experience in digital TV antenna installation;
  • Plenty of additional services, including security camera installation, TV wall mounting, etc.;
  • Uses Australian made quality hardware and resorts to using imported goods only when it’s absolutely necessary;
  • 7 days a week technical support availability;
  • 24/7 emergency service for Albury Wodonga;
  • 20-year warranty on digital antennas;

TV installers in Albury Wodonga from Matrix Solutions are friendly and highly experienced technicians in new vans fully packed with everything necessary to identify any problem with your TV reception and fix it right on the spot. There are multiple teams, which means that you won’t have to wait until they fix someone’s antenna on the other end of the area – you’ll get your problem dealt with ASAP if that’s convenient for you.

#2 Macktronix

These guys emphasize their qualifications so hard that you can’t help but notice that not a lot of other antenna technicians flash their licenses and certifications. But it’s not a problem with Macktronix because it looks like they have so many certificates that one can tile a roof with them, and there will be some left to tile a shed too. So here’s what they offer:

  •  A local business;
  • 11 years of experience;
  • An impressive list of certificates, including Cert 4 DRT Digital Reception Technologies, Cert 3 Telecommunications, Trade Qualified Electronics Technician, Cert 4 Electronics Engineering, ACMA Endorsements for Fibre, Coax and Structured Cabling, Security and CCTV installation and repair licenses in Victoria and NSW, and many more;
  • Uses the Australian made Matchmaster antennas with a lifetime warranty;
  • Signal quality and strength measurements with certified tools are a part of the basic services, and you’ll get the measurement in writing after the job is done;

All the works aren’t only done professionally, but every aspect of them gets explained to the customer. So you’ll know exactly what the technicians are doing and for what reason. If you like that kind of service – Macktronix is a choice for you. 

#3 Top Antennas

Top Antennas is a family business, and that pretty much sums it all up. So if you want to support local businesses and value a personal touch and an old-fashioned way of dealing with all issues, go with these guys. Here’s what you should know:

  • Locally owned and operated family business;
  • TITAB licensed open cablers;
  • Except for TV antenna installation, they supply and install WiFi antennas, offer cabling service, and security camera supply and installation;

We all know what a family business stands for, and that’s what you get with Top Antennas. They specialize in TV antenna installation in Albury Wodonga and surrounding areas and, as their website claims, are happy to travel hundreds of kilometers to provide their services for you. With Top Antennas, you don’t need to worry about anything and can be sure that their pricing is fully transparent: you’ll have every aspect of the job explained, with a price tag on it. And they don’t have a job too small or too big for them, which is excellent too!

#4 Hi-Tech Antennas

Hi-Tech Antennas specializes in supplying and installing various TV appliances and covers Albury Wodonga and surrounding areas, North Eastern Victoria, and Southern Riverina. Here’s what you get with them:

  • A variety of additional services includes supplying and installing TV antennas, satellite receivers, satellite dishes, TV wall mounts, and TV signal boosters. They also provide clotheslines for some reason, but hey, those are useful too!
  • All works are done by ACMA-certified technicians (except for the clotheslines installation, probably);
  • Certified partnership with Hills Australia, Matchmaster, Access Antennas, Wintal, Doss, and Austral clotheslines;
  • Warranty on all hardware and services

Hi-Tech Antennas is what you need if you don’t want to deal with different guys each time you need something fixed. Antennas, TV, WiFi and cable internet, phone points – they do all this and more!

#5 Albury Wodonga Antennas

The name makes it pretty easy to understand what this firm does and where does it operate. But what’s unclear is that they also cover some Upper Murray areas. The firm specializes in TV antenna supply and installation and claims to have the best technicians ever, who undergo all the necessary training and in-service education. Here’s what Albury Wodonga Antennas have to offer:

  • More than 20 years of working experience in digital antenna installation in Albury Wodonga;
  • Certified and properly trained technicians;
  • Supply, installation, repairs, and strong after-sale support;
  • The list of services includes antenna installation, repair, and service, additional TV & phone points, surround sound installations, delivery of TV sets from any store right to your doorstep, VAST satellite services for remote areas, plasma, LCD & LED wall mounting;

These guys work with one- and two-storey homes, apartments, commercial businesses and provide a decent service for a modest price.


This list only has locally owned businesses in Albury Wodonga. It means that there definitely are national or even international companies that can provide cheaper services. Still, you have to remember that a low price is not everything you need from a business. With local businesses, you get after-sale support, personal touch, flexible pricing, fair and transparent instructions and explanations, free advice, and many other things big companies are too busy to provide. If you value all that – you’ll definitely find an option here that will suit all your needs. 

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