All Powered Up: Tendering Electricity Companies in Finland

Electric Company

Electricity is one of the most important aspects of modern living today, and one could say that living only a few hours without it would be detrimental to our existence today. However, there are a handful of options to choose from in terms of an electrical company. Companies such as ZMarta have made pages in charge of “sähköyhtiön kilpailutus suomessa”.

Nevertheless, what are the options for electrical companies in Finland?

Imatran Seudun Sähkö Oy

Imatran Seudun Sähkö Oy was formed in 1928 from smaller companies merging into one. They may be contracted on weekdays from 9 am to 3 pm via phone call or e-mail. The Up-to-date, Carefree, Sustainable, Stable, Power, and Ace contracts are available in the company.

In addition to this, they offer a turnkey photovoltaic solution and willingly purchase surplus electricity from their customers.

Kymenlaakso Sähkö

Kymenlaakso Electricity, founded in 1918, has over 150,000 inhabitants while being owned by 11 different municipalities. The company does its best to prevent climate change by using carbon-free energy while specializing in a photovoltaic system that consumers may use to create energy using solar panels. Contact may be made via phone, website chat, or social media.

One may find a contract fitting for their specific usages as they offer fixed-term, indefinite, or hourly contracts.


Despite being based in Sweden, Vattenfall is quite famous in Finland. It has a special focus on wind power, hydropower, and solar-powered electricity and has been generating and distributing since 1909. Mobile and landline numbers are their form of contact.

Fixed-term contracts and contracts until further notice are their main options if one considers their form of power.

Lumo Energia

Despite not having an electricity generator, Lumo Energia is a company to rival the bigger energy corporations. Since 2015, their electricity can be purchased through the common Nordic power exchange, Nord Pool. Contact is done via phone or online services such as chat or e-mail.

The company offers fixed-term contracts, contracts until further notice, and equal packages.


The company, Väre, has been operating since 2018, and the group includes other electricity companies such as Lappeenranta Energia, Savon Voima, Jyväskylän Energia and Kuopion Energia. With about 250,000 customers over Finland, the traditional e-mail, chat service, or telephone may be used to contact them.

They offer four main different categories of electricity contracts: Fixed Electricity, Monthly Electricity, Exchange Electricity, and Continuous Electricity. With these, consumers may easily choose one suitable for them.

Lumme Energia

Lume Energia is a modern energy group selling electricity over Finland, and their group includes Loiste Sähkönmyynti Oy and Energiapolar Oy. Consumers may find this to be beneficial as they may decide on either domestic or ecological electricity. Over 100,000 customers contact them by telephone or online services such as e-mail or online chat.

With wind and water-generated power, a multitude of options is available. Whether temporary or indefinite, fixed-price or stock-exchange price, the customers are free to choose.

Tampereen Sähkölaitos

Being the first power plant in Finland, it shouldn’t surprise anyone that Tampereen Sähkölaitos has been in operation since 1882. It is a monumental company with a turnover of 250 million euros and over 400 employees. Phone calls and e-mails are to be made from Monday to Saturday.

Being a pioneer of energy in Finland, one should find a contract that will fit the consumer’s needs. For example, the Durable Electricity contract is updated quarterly for those who need power at market price.

Ilmatar Energy Oy

Ilmatar Energy Oy is a company investing in clean and renewable wind power and sells local energy manufactured in Finland. It is unique as this focuses mainly on clean energy from 100 percent domestic wind power. Paid telephone services or e-mails may be used to contact the company while Facebook and Instagram accounts exist as well.

Being sellers of only wind-generated power, contracts are either fixed-term or indefinite.

GNP Energy

GNP Energy is a domestic electricity company available in Sweden, Norway, and Denmark since 2012. Despite its existence as an electricity company, they only sell this resource. Customer service is available every day at varying times, and contact can be made by phone, e-mail, or online chat.

In terms of contracts, their focus is on fixed-term contracts or contracts for an indefinite period.


The final option would be Energia247, a Finnish electrical company focusing on their customer’s needs. Since 2014, they have been producing electricity with 100 percent renewable energy. Future consumers may contact them by phone or e-mail, and they are present on Facebook as well.

The company offers general electricity, night electricity, and day and seasonal electricity contracts. These make decisions easier as consumers may choose an option befitting their preferences. Carefree consumers may opt for a fixed-price universal electricity contract.

Even in terms of electricity in Finland, the options are endless. All one needs to do is do research on which company is nearest to your location and if they fit your standard. Be sure to check out ZMarta to help find the best option for you!


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