A perfect guide to choose a bitcoin wallet!

bitcoin wallet

Bitcoin is the most valuable digital currency, which means it has no physical appearance. It can neither be seen nor touched, which is an excellent feature but creates several issues when it comes to storing it. There are special digital lockers termed bitcoin wallets that you can use to store bitcoins safely. If you are willing to buy and sell a cryptocurrency, there is no better platform than BitBolt. There are different types of bitcoin wallets, but you must choose the one that suits the most to your needs and requirements. Some of the tips you need to follow while selecting a wallet are as follows.

Focus on security

A bitcoin wallet is used to store bitcoins and make transactions. There are several features that you need to focus on while selecting a bitcoin wallet, but the most important one is safety. You can overlook other features for once, but you cannot compromise on safety at any cost. There are different types of bitcoin wallets, and in each one of them, you need to consider different things to ensures that it is safe and reliable. For instance, if you are using web wallets, you must check its URL and ensure that it has HTTPS instead of HTTP. HTTPS refers to secure protocol which means it safe to use that wallet.

There are some other security features also that you need to check and one of them is two-factor authentication. Two-factor authentication means if anyone tries to access your bitcoin wallet, you will receive an authentication code that will alert you that someone is trying to sign in to your wallet. It is a fantastic feature and can enhance the security of your wallet to a great extent.


If you are trusting a wallet to store your bitcoins with it, you must check it provides you access to them. Some bitcoin wallets don’t offer access to the private keys to their users, which means they have no control over the funds they have stored in it. It is a crucial feature to consider while choosing a bitcoin wallet as a single mistake can make you lose your bitcoins forever. So, you must if the wallet offers you complete control over the private keys or not. It is important to have free access to the private keys so that you won’t have to ask for any permission before making a bitcoin transaction.Moreover, if you have control over the bitcoins, you will be able to create a backup for them outside of the wallet.


Another crucial thing to focus on while choosing a bitcoin wallet is the type. There are mainly two types of bitcoin wallets; hot and cold wallets, and you need to have complete knowledge about them if you want to pick the right one. A hot wallet refers to online wallets which allow you to access bitcoins and make transactions over the Internet. It is highly convenient to use, but as it is online, it makes it easier for hackers to attack hot bitcoin wallets. If you are looking for excellent security, you must go for the cold wallets as they are offline and protects bitcoins from all kinds of online risks such as hacking, phishing, etc.

Both types of bitcoin wallets have their own benefits and drawbacks, and you need to consider all their features and choose the one that fits perfectly to all your needs and requirements. If you prefer accessibility and ease of use, you must choose a hot wallet as it can be accessed from anywhere. On the other side, if you store bitcoins in bulk and make a big transaction, a cold wallet is the right option for you.

Backup options

If you have some knowledge regarding bitcoins, you must know that bitcoins are irrecoverable. In simple words, if you lose the private keys to your wallet, you will lose the bitcoins forever. So, to avoid this risk, you must create some backups for your wallet and store them in a safe place. It is the primary reason that makes it important to choose a bitcoin wallet that allows you to create backups. Along with the backup options, you must check the restoration options too and ensure that it is easy and simple to restore the lost bitcoins using the backup. You must check these options beforehand so that you won’t have to face any hassle at the last moment.

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