7 Reasons Online Casinos Companies Sponsor Rugby Teams


Gambling firms were not sponsoring rugby teams but this has changed in the recent past. However, the number of online casino companies sponsoring sports teams in the UK has escalated over the last few years. According to recent research, over 20 football teams competing in the recent 2019-2020 Premier League season had sponsorship deals with betting or casino companies.

Rugby may not be as popular as football, but did you know it’s extremely famous in some countries like South Africa and New Zealand? Sponsoring rugby in these countries means promoting their brands to many people.

Rugby entails strategy and skills. To attract rugby players to visit online casinos, the companies create games of skill for rugby players, such as poker and blackjack. They also lure them to play casino games by sponsoring them. Other reasons why online casino companies sponsor rugby include the following;

1. Commercial Reasons

The main reason an online casino company would sponsor a rugby team is to increase its brand awareness. Rugby being the number one sport in some countries, it attracts thousands of fans. The online casino companies reach more people who become new casino game players by sponsoring the rugby team.

One of the ways they use rugby teams to promote their brand is by printing their logo on the team’s uniform or shoes. The fans become aware of the gambling company. They also gain confidence that the online casino is safe and not a scam since it’s associated with the rugby team.

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2. Sports Betting Options

Thanks to technology, most recent online casinos incorporate sports betting options on their platforms. By sponsoring a rugby team, the fans would prefer to bet through their site than that of a competitor.

While doing so, the rugby fans access the casino’s site and the games they can play. In the end, the online betting company wins more players.

3. To Portray a Sign of Strength

Rugby entails the use of much strength. The team players are usually well-built and strong, features that online casinos love associating themselves with.

By sponsoring a rugby team, the online betting companies portray a picture of strength, performance, and reliability, like the team. In return, they win the hearts of many new players.

The rugby teams also benefit from the financial and other aid they desperately need to rise to the next level. It’s a win-win situation for both sides.

4. Target Audience

Rugby is a game popularly played by men. The majority of fans are also male. Men love playing online casino games compared to women. They are the main target audience of online betting companies.

By sponsoring a rugby team, the casinos attract the players to visit their sites and enjoy the various games and betting options.

Most fans are loyal to their favorite rugby teams, and they love what impresses them. If the rugby players play games in certain online casinos, their fans will likely follow suit. The online gambling companies end up having more players on their sites.

5. Social Responsibility

Some well-established online casino companies love giving back to the community. As a result, they support sports and projects within and beyond their locality. Because rugby is not supported as much as football, some online casino companies decide to sponsor them to a higher level.

It’s satisfying and feels good to support a team until it becomes a national or international team. The online casino companies enjoy a sense of belonging and become popular to their people and nation.

Also, some governments offer tax incentives to companies that support local talent, sports teams, or projects. Some companies may support the rugby teams to enjoy such incentives, including some tax waivers.

6. To Share Their Experiences and Stories

Online gambling companies face some objections, especially from anti-gambling campaigners. Some online casinos sponsor renowned rugby teams that allow them to use the players to share their experiences and stories. For example, the online betting platform may do a video showcasing a renowned rugby player gaming and enjoying a certain game like poker on the site.

They also take the opportunity to illustrate why they are better than their competitors. Such stories and experiences convince the fans to participate in online gambling on their platforms.

7. To Be Part Of the Team’s Success Story

Everyone loves getting associated with a winner, including online casino companies. Rugby is increasing its popularity in other countries. Soon, it will be a hot sport like football. With this realization, some online gambling companies sponsor various rugby teams to be part of the success story.

Also, an online casino company sponsors a rugby team to elevate it from one level to another. In return, the team gets associated with the team’s achievements.


An online casino company sponsoring a rugby team is essential for both parties. With rugby gaining popularity worldwide, the gaming companies can utilize the teams to reach millions of their fans to become gamers on their sites. The sponsorship boosts the rugby teams to become better and stronger.

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