Best Online Games of Skill For Rugby Players


Rugby is one of the most popular sports played in almost all countries, with England, New Zealand, and South Africa being on top of the list. Rugby players entertain their fans worldwide as they physically try to outdo each other to make tries, conversions, and penalties.

However, a significant number of rugby players also play casino games. In New Zealand, rugby players like to entertain themselves by visiting online casinos for kiwi players. The casinos offer a wide variety of games and have fantastic features.

If you are a rugby player and it’s your first time joining an online casino, you may get confused about which game to play. You may be wondering which online casino games rugby players prefer to play. There are online casino games that can suit most rugby players. These games are known as casino games of skill or wits. Players win such casino games by outwitting each other mentally.

Since rugby requires skill and strategy, skill-based casino games would be a perfect match for a rugby player. Some of the popular skill-based games that can suit a rugby player include but are not limited to:


Poker is one of the most popular games of skill. It is a card game that requires concentration, strategy and patience. Just like playing rugby, you must learn how to read people’s minds, predict their next move, and understand their gaming strategy.

When you receive a ball while playing rugby, you try to run furthest into the competitor’s territory before they take you down or dispose of the ball. Similarly, you must make the most out of the hand you are dealt in poker. Additionally, just like rugby, you must be able to deal with losses, accept defeat and move to the next match.

There are several variants of poker differentiated mainly by the protocol of betting and card-dealing. These variants include:

  • Straight – Players bet in one round. Each player is dealt a complete hand. It is the oldest variant of poker with roots from the Primero game.
  • Stud Poker – Players bet in multiple rounds. The dealer issues cards in a prearranged combination where each player gets a mix of face-down and face-up cards. This variant has other variations, including six-card, high-low, or Mexican stud.
  • Draw poker is a five-card draw where each player is dealt with a complete hand, face-down. Each player places an ante to the pot, checks their cards and bet accordingly. It is one of the most straightforward variants played by beginners.
  • Community card poker – It is also known as “flop poker”. It is a variation of stud poker where players are dealt with an incomplete hand of face-down cards. Several face-up cards are dealt at the center of the playing table, and players can use them to make a 5-card hand. Community card poker has variations such as Omaha hold ’em and Texas hold ’em.

You can choose any of the above variations depending on which variant is available and what you prefer to play.


It is a casino card game where players try to pick cards that total 21. It uses 52 cards arranged in decks and placed on a semi-circular blackjack table. Players must buy chips from the dealer before they can play.

The dealer shuffles the cards together before the game starts. Players place bets in the box and are dealt with cards. The players win the game by accumulating cards whose total value is higher than the dealer’s and below 21.

Each card’s face value determines its value from 1 to 10. The king, jack and queen are given a card value of 10. 

An ace has a value of one or eleven. Once the game starts, a player can either take another card (hit), take no more cards (stand), increase the initial bet (double down), split the starting hand or surrender half the bet. You need to know when to double your hand, split pairs, take insurance, or double down. 

Winning at blackjack requires strategy and essential math skills. If you don’t have a winning strategy, you will likely lose the game. This aspect is similar to rugby, where a team must have an excellent strategy to win a match. As a rugby player, you focus on making tries that give maximum points. In blackjack, you concentrate on beating the dealer whilst totaling below 21.

Final thoughts 

Rugby players win a match by outwitting their opponents mentally and overpowering them. A rugby player has a competitive spirit of winning. It would be boring to join a casino and play a game of chance where the computer decides your winnings.

As a rugby player, it would be more entertaining to compete against other players or a computer and win. All you need is to design a good strategy, focus and make the right moves.

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