7 Cryptocurrencies For Investing If You Are Planning To Retire


A lot of people reach the stage of retiring even before they know it. When your life is slipping away from your hands like sand, finding different ways to safeguard your future is very common. And strategical investments are among the top methods every individual looks after.

Not to mention some of them may involve risk factors but taking risks generally means you will get more profit in return. Cryptocurrencies are the best example for this reference. 

So we are going to discuss some of the high potential cryptocurrencies which are quite popular for long-term investments. However, please do your own research prior to making any investments, as we are not providing any type of financial advice.

Why Should You Invest In Crypto?

Everyone is well aware of the fact that cryptocurrency investments are very risky. In comparison to the investment alternatives out there, investing in cryptocurrencies is like a double-edged sword hanging on your funds. Then why should you invest in crypto? Is it worth the risk? The answer is YES & NO both.

The reason why most people avoid getting involved with crypto investments is their volatile behavior. Cryptocurrency markets tend to fluctuate ferociously without any warnings at all. They can break the all-time high records in certain conditions and hit a bottom line if the external factors are not in their favor.

So this concludes the question with both the answers because there is no guarantee that you will generate a profit if you invest your money in it. Whereas, if you look at cryptocurrencies with a viewpoint to figure out whether they are worth the risk or not. They are completely worth it due to the fact that people are making millions in profit by investing in them.

7 Cryptocurrencies For Your Retirement

There are more than 11,000 different virtual coins around the world at the time of writing this article. Therefore, choosing the best cryptocurrency for investing can get somewhat confusing. 

Doesn’t matter whether you are in the crypto trading business for a long time or not. Your decisions will determine how much profit you will make in the future out of your investments.

However, the process can be much easier if you are well aware of the current market standings and future potential of a specific coin. 

In terms of market capitalization or the number of supports a cryptocurrency has, it can hugely affect your profit margin in the long term. Thankfully, we have done the research for you and accumulated some coins with significant potential to generate profit for you in the future. So let’s go through them.

1. Bitcoin(BTC)

The KING of cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin is the first on our list. With almost 40% dominance in the cryptocurrency industry, this revolutionary token is the first one to let people know about the existence of cryptos. 

No wonder it is maintaining the top position due to its store of value nature and tremendous popularity among the investors. With that said we do not have to give you any more reasons to invest in BTC right away!

2. Ethereum(ETH)

Ethereum is the only cryptocurrency capable of competing with Bitcoin. Symbolized as ETH, you can find this coin on almost every popular cryptocurrency exchange. Unlike BTC this coin works on a smart contract architecture. 

Smart contracts are a block of code that resides on computer nodes. Smart contracts are programmed in such a way to execute on their own under certain conditions. Therefore, it is capable to execute the orders more quickly and efficiently than BTC.

3. Ripple(XRP)

The third cryptocurrency on our list is Ripple. Thrusting towards the top positions in the popular crypto list, this coin is currently at 7th position. With a tremendous circulating supply of 47,158,974,920 XRP, this token is showing decent growth for the last few years. 

It goes without saying that it also faces price dumps at times, but if you buy it during a dip, you can make a significant profit in the long-term for sure. Hence, this coin is worth keeping in your portfolio for the future.


TPS(Transactions Per Second) is a parameter used to indicate the number of transactions a blockchain can execute simultaneously. If we compare the TPS of BTC and ETH with SOLANA, there is a major difference between them.

As the SOLANA has more than 60,0000 transactions per second limit. It is only possible because it relies on its own blockchain. This is far more efficient than ETH and BTC while offering lower transaction fees. Above all, SOLANA has the potential to compete with others and you should invest in it without a doubt.

5. Polkadot(DOT)

It was one of the few coins that were successful to attract a ton of investors in such a short time. Polkadot is a new project with its own blockchain and transaction capabilities. With DOT as its native cryptocurrency, the project indicate some promising price hikes in the market recently. 

Deploying the concept of an interconnected blockchain network for public usage, this open-source project is helping new projects for entering the market. Hence, it is inevitable that its native token will surge into more value among the cryptocurrency trading markets.

6. Cardano(ADA)

With the growing number of cryptocurrencies, there are some specific cryptos that are known as Ethereum killers. Cardano is among the top three grossing Ehtereum killers group. In addition, ADA is owned and operated by the Ethereum community which makes it clear why it has the potential to compete with the ETH. 

Generating 300% profit in a recent price hike, the Cardano coin is giving tough competition to others. Due to the advanced technology, it has better odds of generating profit as the top cryptocurrencies in upcoming years.

7. Binance Coin(BNB)

The coin that no one is taking seriously Binance coin. It is tokenized as BNB while working as the backbone for the most popular cryptocurrency exchange around the globe Binance. Not to mention the Binance coin is among the top three cryptocurrencies on the ranking list. 

As the platform itself is showing significant growth in the number of users and investors both, the BNB value is more likely to increase in the upcoming years. Although using a cryptocurrency tracker for live price updates can be handy to choose the right time for buying BNB.

Bottom Line

Everyone needs to retire after some time in their life. However, it can be different for certain individuals who choose not to retire. The fact is accurate investments before your retirement can help you spend the rest of your life with ease. Therefore, making crypto investments can pay off later if you are willing to take the risk.

Do not worry if you are not familiar with cryptocurrencies. Because you can learn to buy and invest in crypto in just a few minutes. In conclusion, crypto investments are rather attractive for the most part but we suggest gaining enough knowledge before taking any action. Feel free to share your doubts and suggestions with us.

The views expressed in this article are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the views or policies of The World Financial Review.