5 Steps to Deeper More Restful Sleep for Entrepreneurs

Restful Sleep for Entrepreneurs

As an entrepreneur, a lot of your time will be spent working on your business idea before delivering it to the masses. Understandably, with so many hours dedicated to making your idea a success, it can be easy to forget about sleep in the process. However, you need a good night’s sleep to give your mind and body a chance to repair and recover themselves.

If you’re low on energy and are finding it difficult to concentrate, poor sleep could be to blame. To help you wake up feeling productive, here are five steps to deeper, more restful sleep.

Work Out Daily

While many of us think of exercise as a way to lose weight or build muscle, when it comes to getting deeper sleep, working out daily is essential. This is because exercise can combat sleep-related problems like insomnia, helping you to get a decent amount of rest. For entrepreneurs, you may not feel you have the time to commit to exercise. However, even 30 minutes of exercise can be great for promoting sleep. Whether you head to your local gym or go for a run around the neighborhood, factoring in physical activity alongside your workload is key for better sleep.

Eat Right

When fine-tuning your business idea, you may find yourself working until the early hours. To keep you going, you may have takeout on speed dial which will do your body no favors in the long run. While junk food may give you an initial burst of energy, you’ll find yourself burning out quicker. It’s best to stick to a healthy diet that can not only help you fall asleep quickly but enhance sleep quality and how long you rest. If you’re sleep-deprived, you’re at a higher risk of consuming foods full of fat, calories, and sugar. Try and get into the habit of eating more fruits and vegetables, and you should see some improvements in sleep quality.

Buy a New Mattress

As you climb under the duvet and settle in for the night, you should feel 100% relaxed. If this isn’t the case, your mattress could be to blame. Did you know that mattresses which are five years or older are health hazards? Dust mites can build in older mattresses and cause all sorts of conditions, like asthma and eczema. What’s more, your mattress will lose support over the years, meaning you could wake up with a sore back. If it’s time to invest in a new mattress, you can pick one up during the Labor Day sale where you can save money. Once you climb onto your new mattress, you should notice a huge difference in terms of comfort.

Remove Distractions

Many entrepreneurs make the mistake of taking their smartphones to bed and checking over emails before hitting the hay. If this sounds like you, your sleep quality could be affected as a result. Even if you use your device to scroll through social media feeds, when closing your eyes for the night, you may struggle to drift off quickly. The blue light which emits from your smartphone can trick your brain into thinking it’s still light. If you’re having trouble getting to sleep, having your device out of sight and out of mind is key.

Find Time to Relax

Before you launch a business, you need to understand the importance of rest and relaxation. Once your business goes live, it’s even more important to have some time for yourself. Before bedtime, having an hour to fully relax and unwind can promote better sleep. This can be achieved by running a hot bath or meditating.

If you have an entrepreneurial mindset, your body still requires good sleep every night to keep you productive. Before diving into the business world, prioritizing your sleep and utilizing the steps above should help in getting a good night’s rest. Visit SleepAuthorities for more tips on how to improve sleep.

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