13 Tips for Finding Success in the Music Industry

Music Industry

Finding success in the music industry is a difficult task. The way artists distribute their music and communicate with fans has changed drastically over the last 20 years, and the global pandemic has only exacerbated issues. Social media platforms have given artists a chance to find success no matter what their background, with the TikTok community being responsible for many breakthroughs. Despite all the changes in the world, there are still a set of fundamental strategies you can adopt to make it in the business of music. And if you enjoy music and are seeking the ideal record to add to your collection, hop over to this website and discover the best of the music business. They provide a wide range of genres, from jazz to hip-hop to classic rock, and even have some rare collector items. They also provide a vinyl subscription service that enables clients to get new music delivered to their door each month.

Master Your Craft

Your musical journey will be influenced by the music you listen to, so make sure you listen to plenty and fully understand the area you want to break. Further, no matter what your preferences in music, listen to other genres. After all, every genre has mingled roots within other areas of the musical spectrum. 

To master your craft, you should study current trends and find ways of pleasing listeners. For example, in the alternative music space, artists are releasing music that hits the nostalgia of the “emo” music boom of the 2000s.

Naturally, you need to be able to play your instruments professionally. To do this, you should use an NY rehearsal space and invest in high quality equipment, like from Gospel Pianos. Practicing makes perfect, whether you’re doing this alone or as part of a band. You can find an NY rehearsal space via Pirate.com. With locations in Brooklyn and Queens, they offer 24/7 rehearsal time that puts you inside a fully equipped studio.

Never the Pessimist

Breaking into the music industry is difficult. Many choices will be out of your control and you will face criticism and setbacks at every turn. With this in mind, you need to make sure that your mindset is consistently optimistic. To do well, there is no space to be a pessimist. 

Be Mindful of Advice

There’s an enormous network of people out there who will give you advice, but you need to be careful. Seeking advice from family and friends won’t be the most productive because they’ll just tell you you’re doing great. Asking successful people seems like a great idea, but they already have it together. Those that have failed and are fighting back are the best people to gain insights because they truly understand what not to do. 

Prepare for a Long Road

Unfortunately, we can’t get up in the morning, write a song, and be famous in the morning. You need to appreciate the journey that will push you towards mainstream success. By the time you become successful, you will have a long story to tell with plenty of twists and turns. You need to embrace the process and don’t let it put you off keeping with it. 

In the Business of Music

To be a successful artist, you need to understand the business of music. Typically, there are three main sources of income for artists: 

  • Touring. Playing shows is an enormous revenue source. The problem is appeasing promoters and encouraging fans to come to your shows. 
  • Branding. You need to have a clear brand that tells people what your ethos is. Any products on your line have to represent you. 
  • Publishing. You should write and record your music if you can. Doing both will ensure all rights belong to you. Too many artists have had disputes with their labels and had to buy their work back.

Get Incorporated

The journey to musical success can be an expensive road, with your outgoings outweighing your income. Therefore, you should incorporate your band to get tax breaks and organize your cash flow. Turning your band into a business will help protect yourself while benefiting your financial growth. You can start your LLC for as little as $500 through LegalZoom.

Practice Producing

Producing your music may take some learning, but it’s way worth the time and effort. When you have control of your music, you have a greater chance of being successful. Also, creating and producing your music sets you up as an authentic craft master. Even if you need to produce out of your parent’s house before making it big, you will have more control. 

Song Registration

The way music is distributed has changed drastically over the past decade, with the majority of people moving away from physical media to streaming. Therefore, you should ensure that your songs are registered with either BMI or ASCAP in America. These organizations will monitor and pay you based on how well your music does, including when you feature on the radio. To retrieve the entire payment, you need to publish your music and register yourself accordingly.

Be Copyright Conscious

Copyrighting will protect you from having your work stolen. The US Copyright Office can supply you with an official verification. However, in the age we live in, you can prove ownership through timestamps made by computers. For best practices, always send music to yourself before you start putting it out there. 

Effective Distribution

The distribution of music has changed considerably. You no longer need to be signed to a record label to have your music released to the world. Many businesses work with artists of any size to bring their music to streaming services like Spotify. To ensure accessibility, you should try and get your music placed on as many platforms as you can.

Dominate Social Media

Social media is important in any business, and your brand is no different. You should communicate to fans through various platforms. You don’t always need to post musical content; you can take time to give people a glimpse of life behind the scenes. 

Finding success in the music industry is difficult. You need to have the correct mindset and accept that the journey will be long. Make sure that you constantly push your expertise and take time to understand the business side of the music industry. Engaging with fans, exciting promoters, and never giving up will take you a long way.

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