Yerkin Tatishev of Kusto Group Joins to Open 65 Wendy’s Branches in Europe by 2030

Yerkin Tatishev

Yerkin Tatishev of Kusto Group joins forces with Georgia-based Wissol Group and Wendy’s to develop 65 new Wendy’s branches in Europe. The plan is to fully open and operate the new Wendy’s locations by 2030. The development plan will be carried out across three countries: Kazakhstan, Georgia and Uzbekistan. The markets in these countries are rapidly growing, and there is a proven high consumer demand and vetted customer base gleaned from existing locations’ statistics. In addition, there remains a larger necessity for job openings and economic improvement in these three European countries.

The expansion plan proves to meet the needs of all countries involved, as well as the vendors and consumers in each location. Considering the increase of busy lifestyles and harsher work environments across Europe, restaurant options like Wendy’s prove necessary for the current consumer base in places like Kazakhstan, Georgia and Uzbekistan. Urbanization and growth of disposable income in European countries pave the path for multi-level partnerships, such as this one, to benefit the lives of local residents and businesspeople.

Impact on employee base and local communities

The partnership and long-term plan will improve local communities in direct ways, such as creating thousands of new jobs and supporting local food vendors. In Tatishev’s words, “Everything I try to do at Kusto Group is geared around serving local communities first and foremost.”

The partners’ decision to open more Wendy’s branches increases the likelihood of local and global economic successes. The markets in Europe are ready for further infrastructure. The demand for fast food production across Europe steadily increases each year, therefore initiating the involved parties’ interest in the current development.

In Kazakhstan alone, it is estimated that over 800 jobs will be created through this growth plan. Kazakhstan is Tatishev’s home country. He therefore applauds the efforts of high-level corporations pursuing growth in places with high market demands. Instead of infiltrating markets, companies such as the ones involved with the Wendy’s expansion work with local farmers, vendors and consumers to facilitate appropriate industry collaboration and expansion.

Europe’s fast food industry growth calls for such expansion

Many fast-food groups have already entered the markets of Kazakhstan, Georgia and Uzbekistan. For example, McDonald’s, Burger King and KFC have become staples in Kazakhstan over the last decade. Chains such as Taco Bell and Pizza Hut are heavily popularized in Uzbekistan. The countries Wendy’s is expanding in already have locations of the beloved, red-braided burger chain. Due to the existing locations’ success, it was clear to the partners that further growth was in store.

The European food industry became interested in implementing North American fast-food chains due to the increasing consumer demand of accessible, ready-to-go options. With the world so rapidly expanding in global business, workers and families now require cheaper food in less time. The most popular fast-food names in the United States can now be found all over Europe due to this necessity. Groups on social media and public outcry display the need for more “America’s favorites” locations outside the United States.

Many Europeans have grown fond of the classic fast-food brands from the United States due to their novelty and ability to localize. Most products are sourced from the closest possible farm or vendor, and many menus are catered directly to any given country’s taste base. Many consumers report different tastes between the same fast-food restaurants they try in various countries. This is intended by the companies to maintain a certain level of authenticity per location.

Background of three companies involved in European expansion of Wendy’s

Kusto Group is based out of Singapore and works in various industries including agriculture, construction and materials, real estate, oil and gas, and more. Yerkin Tatishev serves as Chairman and consistently uplifts local communities through corporate social responsibility. Kusto Group has a presence in multiple countries, allowing for further infrastructure and economic growth across the globe.

Wissol Group is headquartered in Tbilisi, Georgia, one of the locations in which Wendy’s plans on expanding its presence. Wissol Petroleum Georgia is an oil company under Wissol Group with over 100 service stations placed throughout the country. It is one of the largest retailers in Georgia, especially within its industry. Wissol Group also supports efforts in infrastructure, hospitality, food service, and more.

Wendy’s is one of the most popular and beloved food brands in the United States, and now all over the world. First opened in 1969, Wendy’s prides itself on fresh, never frozen hamburgers that satisfy a balance of nostalgia and hunger. Wendy’s makes a strong effort to give to communities in need through its programs such as the Animal Welfare Council and Community Ambassador Grant Program. The chain’s global expansion is expected to continue rapidly.

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