Why to Use Solar Batteries?

Solar Battery

In case you have recently made up your mind to go solar and are pondering about adding a storage battery to your overall system, you are at the right spot. Having a proper storage option once it comes to solar energy is absolutely smart for many reasons: from upholding energy security to that of making the utmost of the power your home generates, and even to assist decreasing your personal carbon output.

Solar power has been there for nearly seventy years, and it has had its piece of critics. Most of the objections are grounded on misinformation or that of outdated features of solar, like that of its high cost. Mostly critics point to a specific type of tiny inconvenience of solar energy but neglect to carefully consider that against many vital benefits of solar energy. The point is solar energy is much more prevalent in the present time than before. And adding to this, there are even the best home solar batteries that you can check out for your needs.

Moreover, remember that maximum of the solar homes makes use of the electricity they produce during the day and then they simply feed the extra power into the local power network. So, they make use of solar and enjoy discounts on energy used at the time of night. But a solar home having a battery (or even that of multiple batteries) installed is in a position to use nearly every kwh of energy produced. This simply mean an even huger reduction in energy expense. 

Get Peace of mind

Saving money is not just only concern for the ones who install batteries. Batteries even offer backup power in the instance of power outages. Contrary to any popular misconception, having solar panels alone actually never provide power to a house in the time of a blackout, even if the sun is actually shining bright and the panels are somewhat producing at the full capacity.

Remember that at the time of a blackout, power produced from solar panels nourished into the grid is going to create an unsafe condition for any sort of unsuspecting line worker working to restore the power. It would not be clear to a worker that there is power emerging into the grid from solar panels on the house of a person. To avert shock to the worker, therefore, solar systems actually are, by electrical code, needed to remove power from the panels during time of blackout

But you need to know that this is a restriction that is not at all applied to battery banks. Indeed, batteries, just like fossil fuel produce, can offer backup power for critical household loads like that of food refrigeration, lighting, and more. Contrary to dirty fossil fuel producers, however, batteries do not really require any sort of frequent maintenance and refuelling, and they work silently with no stinking fumes. A battery bank of its own accord can offer backup, but a solar system by itself really cannot. And you should know that only solar plus batteries makes your system eligible for the different type of tax credits.


Since you know much about these batteries now, make sure that you use them. And for your assistance, you can count on Loom Solar, a manufacturer of solar panels as well as Lithium batteries. It will fulfil all your battery needs and it is ISO 9001 – 2015 certified company and even recognized start up by Govt. Of India. Go ahead and invest in the perfect solar battery now!

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