Why the Technological Process Does Not Affect Our Interest in Slot Machines

Why do we love slot machines? So much that there are over 1 million slot machines spread across the world—1 million in physical locations only, and it does not include the sheer number of online slots!

Today, let us take a look at the reasons why we are so fascinated with slots, even if we have the technological advancement to forget about them.

They Are Easy to Understand

Slot machines are games of chances. As such, it does not require any form of thinking. Blackjack and poker are games of skill. What this means is that if you make a bad decision and lost, you feel guilty.

The only way to win in a slot machine is to make a combo. Usually, you just have to line up at least three symbols to win. The player only has to pull the trigger to make the reels spin, and then wait for the reels to stop.

Even if slots have evolved over the years from 3-reel to 5-reel grids, the basic concept of a combo remains the same. Players do not need to learn a new technique, as everything that happens in a slot game is purely random. You cannot influence the game results, so you do not have to learn a new skill to beat it.

They Are Affordable

Most online slots require only £0.10, and you should be able to spin it. It is so unlike many games where you need to bet at least a pound or a dollar to be able to participate.

The great thing about slots is that even if you bet a small amount of money, you can win a huge prize. Some slots pay as much as 5,000x your line bet, which means that the prizes are paid out in the same proportion no matter how small your bet is.

The usual deterrent for gambling is the cost. What makes slot machine so attractive and enduring is that you can bet a penny and come out with hundreds of dollars. Even if you bet the highest amount per spin, which usually costs no more than £10, you can still win the jackpot prize, which can be as high as millions of pounds.

There are even stories of people who played slot machines for the first time and won the jackpot. Slots are loved because they are fair—and anyone who has a penny has an equal chance of winning a big prize.

There Is a Wide Variety to Choose from

For a long time in its history, slots only showed classic symbols. Most of these are fruits or the Lucky7. Today, there is an endless number of slot symbols—and developers have penetrated every possible industry.

Here are some examples:

  • Movie-branded slots

  • Superhero-branded slots

  • Alien-themed slots

  • Sports-themed slots

Apart from using various symbols in different industries, slot machines have also evolved. In the 1800s, slot machines used to only operate with three reels. Now, the slots operate on five reels, and some of them no longer operate on a single grid.

Here are some examples of modern slot machines.

  • Colossal – these are large grids that are usually made of five reels and twelve rows. Colossal grids are on the right side of the main 5×3 grid, and you do not have to pay extra to activate them.

  • Double grid – these are slot machines where there are two same grids, with one on top of the other. The main symbols are the same, but each grid has its set of special symbols. Slots like this do not charge double—you spin two sets of reels for the price of one.

  • Symbol combo – these slots are not your usual sets; in these slots, you make a symbol combo by merely matching three symbols vertically or horizontally. They are like arcade games  where you only need three side by side symbols to win, regardless of tier position in the reels.

Multiple grids are not the only evolution of slot games. Today, there are wilds, scatters and other bonus symbols that can trigger a wide variety of bonuses and jackpot rounds.

They Give Us Pleasure

When you spin the reel of a slot machine, you anticipate if you win. It creates a build-up in your brain. If you landed a winning spin, your brain releases dopamine. For a fleeting time, your attention is focused on the screen, and you experience a short kind of high.

Dopamine is a hormone that gives us the feeling of pleasure. What makes slot machine so addicting is that you never know if the next spin is going to reward you with the big win. It is this anticipation that keeps us hooked to it

It also has what is called a near-miss mechanic. Many times, you spin the reels and miss only one symbol, and you would have made a big win. Your brain thinks that if you are lucky to miss only one symbol, then your succeeding spins may be the winning round to get that most coveted jackpot prize.

As a result, our brain begins to develop a behaviour of anticipation, which can only get fulfilled after landing a win, regardless of the size of the prize.


Slot machines will be here to stay. They have endured the test of time. Slots have been around for 200 years, and they are not going anywhere.

At best, we need to accept that these one-eyed bandits are truly a part of our culture. They are mesmerizing, to say the least, and they can be addicting. Slots are the best example of the enduring quest of humans to beat the odds, and they have already found their way in our social lifestyle.

Slots today are free to play. You can find them in slot review sites, demo sites, games developer sites, and even social media platforms. These free slots no download no registration are played everywhere, and what we need to do is to exercise caution to protect our money, instead of shunning these machines that we have so loved for over two centuries.

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