Why Small Businesses Need Call Tracking

Why Small Businesses Need Call Tracking

When running a small business, there are many things you need to consider in order to help boost your marketing and optimise your revenue.

Among these things are the types of tools you can incorporate. One of the best among them – call tracking.

In this article, you’ll learn what call tracking UK software is and why your small business should implement it.

What is call tracking software?

Call tracking is an advanced analytics tool that lets you attribute every inbound customer call to the specific marketing sources that generated them. On top of that, the software also provides expert analytics to help analyse the performance of your campaigns.

For each call you receive, the software uses dynamic number insertion to reveal the full journeys of each website visitor. This means each visitor will have a unique phone number that can help you identify the touchpoints visited before, during, and after they called.

Also, with visitor-level tracking – offered by expert providers – you can trace the journeys of customers each time they visit, even if they leave a session on your website and return later before making a call.

The software can show you the number of leads and sales being generated from each activity, campaign, and channel, to give you a clear picture of how each area of your marketing is performing.

Why does your small business need call tracking?

There are many reasons why call tracking is important to include in your small business, such as:

  • Extensive marketing reports

As a small business, it’s important to have a clear overview of your entire marketing performance, down to each and every activity.

The software can show you the specific number of leads and sales being generated from each campaign and channel, including those both online and offline.

You may be utilising both traditional and digital forms of marketing for maximum benefit. With call tracking, you can include both types in your reports, so you can reap the benefits of traditional marketing without sacrificing crucial insights.

With these accurate reports, you’ll have a solid base on which to plan new strategies for development, and will know where to focus on boosting your strengths, as well as which areas are weaker, and need addressing.

  • Meeting customer needs effectively

A key aim for small businesses is often to ensure they’re meeting customer needs effectively. With call tracking, you’ll be able to identify these needs and reflect them in your campaigns.

For one, the software can show you the specific keywords being searched by visitors interacting with your paid ads. This can reveal your customer’s requirements, since you may find searches related to your prices, deliveries, customer service, etc.

Once you know what customers are looking for, you can magnify these needs in your new campaigns, such as social media or email ads, for example.

This can help you maintain firm relationships with your customers, where they can rely on your ability to address their needs, thus creating more leads and sales.

  • Maximising cost-efficiency

Cost efficiency can be crucial for a small business, so using call tracking is important when it comes to maximising your marketing value.

The software can reveal which areas of your marketing are bringing in the most leads and sales, and thus value, and which are underperforming.

As a result, you can focus more of your resources towards your successful activities, and ensure none of your budget is being wasted on campaigns that are failing to engage customers.

This can help you lower the total cost per lead for your campaigns, and help ensure your budget is being used as efficiently as possible.

Are you a small business looking for new ways to elevate your marketing? If this is the case for you, you should now know the various benefits of adding call tracking to your business from an expert provider.