Why Random Chats are so Popular

What is a random chat in a nutshell? This is a website that connects you to another user and allows you to communicate by video or texting. This format has existed for over 10 years. And, despite the “age”, it still remains very popular. What is the reason for such popularity, and which video chat with strangers are most relevant today? Let’s take a look!


5 reasons of web-chat popularity

Many do not understand the reasons, with so many alternatives existing, video chats with strangers are still popular. Social networks, instant messengers, dating websites and apps – there are so many options. And yet, they were never able to overcome random chats. What is the reason? We can name at least five!

  1. Convenient format. To use almost any web chat, you do not need to register, fill out a form and upload photos. You just go to the website, click the “Start” button and communicate. No additional manipulations are needed. This is perfect for busy people who value their time and do not want to spend it on unnecessary and even useless actions.
  2. A huge number of interlocutors. Of course, this does not apply to all random chats. But if you take the Omegle website as an example, there are more than 20 thousand users online at any time of the day. You definitely won’t experience the lack of interlocutors. Although we will not deny, there are almost “dead” web chats.
  3. Targeted audience. When someone visits a random chat website, they are probably predisposed to a conversation and will probably willingly invest in it. And if you write to a stranger on a social network or messenger, most likely you will be ignored. After all, not everyone wants to make new acquaintances with strangers.
  4. Real chances to find a partner. Statistics say that today more than a third of acquaintances occur online. And a large number of them occur in random chats. But there is a nuance. If you’re serious about meeting in the real world, not all video chats are right for you. Look for those in which you can search for interlocutors by geolocation. At least by country of residence, and even better – by region.
  5. Anonymity and confidentiality. The less information the website collects about you, the better. And random video chats in this regard are much more loyal compared to social networks and dating websites. If it is a proven resource, it will ensure complete anonymity and confidentiality. Other users will not be able to find out anything about you unless you share information with them.

In fact, there are many more advantages and you can list them for a long time. But it’s better to try and evaluate them than just read about them. In fact, you yourself will discover all the pros and cons of such websites.


Some Popular Web-chats with Strangers that are Worth Your Attention

In the ten years that online video chats have existed, hundreds have been launched. There are both very successful projects and those that failed for a number of reasons. We will concentrate on the most interesting for modern users.

  1. CooMeet. This website uses basic principles of random video chats constantly improving it and making it more user-friendly. The resource positions itself as a platform for men who want to chat with girls. That is, a priori you will not be connected with other men. This is convenient if you have far-reaching plans. You can try CooMeet features for free and then purchase a subscription. According to the website, about a thousand girls are constantly online.
  2. Omegle. The first random chat in history needs no introduction. Everyone has heard about it who is at least a little familiar with the field. At the peak of popularity, the number of website visitors exceeded one and a half million people a day. Today – up to 150 thousand users per day and an average of 20 thousand online at any time of the day. There is a decline in popularity, but even now users are very active.
  3. Chatroulette. Perhaps this is the closest analogue to Omegle. Websites appeared almost simultaneously and steadily increased their audience. But after 2010 due to poor moderation and an abundance of insane users, Chatroulette rapidly lost its audience.
  4. Shagle. This is another “pioneer” in the world of webchats with strangers. The website has been operating since 2010, has an easy and intuitive interface, does not require registration, and provides high-quality video communications. Furthermore, amid the decline in popularity of analogs, Shagle is quite confidently building up its audience. At any time of the day, there are thousands of users online. Most users are English-speaking people. But the website itself is available in other languages: Spanish, German, French, Russian, Italian, Portuguese and so on.

All random video chats — these are pretty specific projects that are hard to compare with other resources for communication. And in many respects, their popularity is due precisely to the uniqueness of the format. In the meantime, the online dating industry has not offered a decent alternative, webchats with strangers will stay afloat and feel confident in their niche. Almost every such website is a great place to have a good time, search for new acquaintances, and enjoy communication. If for some reason you still haven’t discovered video chats, now is a great time to start. The websites listed above are perfect for this!

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