Why Is Corporate Email Signature Management an Essential Marketing Activity?

Communicating online is undoubtedly an important part of marketing. The way company employees negotiate some terms, speak to customers, or ask colleagues for help affects brand perception. Every single message sent can both bring more revenue or make the company waste its marketing efforts.

As email is the most reliable business communication channel, a good company that cares about its brand should do the most to perfect email marketing. And email signatures are the essential element here.


How important email signatures really are?

With dozens of emails every employee sends, every word written and every image attached can affect your brand. As the first and the last things said usually get memorized, an email signature is surely important.

If not for the signature, the last words in this email would have been “Have a great day,” which is nice but not really informative. But Jiang added ways of contacting her, social media icons the recipient may want to check out, and even a promo banner that advertises her blog.

This one email led to one more follower on LinkedIn, and a new blog reader. Oh, and Jack (the recipient) called her phone 30 minutes after receiving an email.

To sum up, multiply this example by at least 10 emails sent by each employee every day. How many leads could you have? 3000 per month for a small business of 10 people, and 30000 for a medium-sized company!


Utilizing email signatures for marketing

Creating a nice email signature is only half the deal. If you want it to return the investments, you should add marketing elements to the email footer of yours.

As in the example above, there some things you should definitely add to a signature.

  • Your personal photo that will increase trust and make your emails look more personal.
  • Company name and your position in it, once again, to add some trust and credibility.
  • Phone numbers that will eliminate the need to look for them somewhere else.
  • Social media icons to promote them, of course, and get new followers.
  • Promotional banner with some call-to-action text.

The latter is the most powerful part of an email signature as it lets you advertise pretty much anything. Let’s go through possible variants.


Promoting your service with email signature banners

The most obvious way of using the banner in an email signature is promoting the service you offer. You sure want as many people as possible to know about it and even sign up. But be careful with such a bold ad in an email. On some occasions, it may seem irrelevant.

So, do add your service sign up CTA or special offer to the signature banner when you send emails to probable customers. If you are reaching out to partners, there are better ways to use the banner feature.


Advertising your blog or website

Whenever you are contacting someone you want to exchange corporate offers with or just ask for a guest post, make sure to give them easy access to your blog. An email signature banner is the best solution in this regard.


Special event promotion

If you’re attending some conference or arrange a webinar, why not to let all your recipients know about it. Having an email signature already installed, you won’t need to pay additional money for ads. Just change a banner.


Holidays greetings in email signatures

If you have some regular newsletters, do change your signature banner when there is some holiday. People enjoy greetings no matter where they are received. So, why not use a signature banner for the occasion.


How do you make your email signature perfect?

With all the things mentioned, you probably want to install a signature already. But be careful with the design and technical aspects.

First of all, use an online email signature generator only. Of course, you may try creating a signature in Photoshop or coding it with HTML yourself. But that would take a whole lot of time and resources.

Consider using Newoldstamp or MySignature.io editors when creating a signature. Both these tools allow creating a single signature for personal use or corporate account for managing multiple email signatures. The latter is particularly useful for companies as maintaining brand consistency is one of the key elements of marketing.


Email signature marketing is a cheap and efficient activity. If you use it, you already have lots of benefits. But if not, you surely lose lots of opportunities. Starting from simply letting your email recipients contact you soon, ending with your service promotion. So, consider creating a professional email signature for personal or corporate use.