Why Casino Players Have Higher IQ


First, let’s take a sneak peek at the obvious upsides. It is believed that gambling in any form, and also might be considered as a good anti-stress, within reason. Right during the game, a person who is playing experiences psychological relief. That means, experiencing stress during the game, a person is able to relax mentally and get through any negativity. Needless to say, the previously mentioned applies to cases with no addiction or uncontrolled impulses. The aspects that have an effect on gaming are really beneficial: 

  • It cheers you up;
  • Helps to get rid of the exhaustion feeling;
  • Increased stress resistance;
  • Feelings of satisfaction regardless of the outcome.

In the process of enjoying the game, the player develops a state similar to feeling a little tipsy. These same emotions are usually provoked by active sports training, sex, and heated arguments. But unlike mentioned above, a person does not need either an opponent or doping. And in the process of playing, one succeeds in becoming calmer, balanced, which has a positive effect on life on a daily basis. 

With reference to an impact on brain function, the thrill of gaming also affects the mental activity of a person. That is expressed in plenty of aspects. For example, people who are keen on playing games such as Keno and Bingo have the pretty developed skill to analyze data, calculate probabilities and practice multitasking. Since these games are mostly based on the art of predicting the right combination of numbers, it increases endurance and improves players’ working capacity. Those who are into playing card games like Baccarat, Blackjack, and Poker, improve concentration, attention, and memory so it leads to the acquisition of the skill of logical sequence constructing. In fact, gambling is a kind of brain workout that helps to develop useful skills that can later be applied in everyday life. It is believed that people without addiction to gambling in life are non-contentious, differ in non-standard thinking, and are able to demonstrate unexpected approaches to problem-solving. It was proven that gamers generally have an impact on mental and physical activity improvement, an expression of resistance to stress comes as a bonus. 

During calculating, predicting, and deep thinking up the next move in a game, the gray matter is actively involved in the work. It is interesting that according to statistics, people who often experienced fortune were less likely to suffer from diseases associated with impaired brain function in older age, including dementia, Alzheimer’s, and sclerosis.

Each, at first glance, gambling game gives its own advantages to the player. One of the features of gambling (as well as emotion itself) is uncertainty – whether it’s the size of the jackpot or the probability of hitting the house. In situations where the outcome is unknown, the brain begins to produce the pleasure hormone dopamine. At the same time, the level of dopamine reaches its maximum heights in the moments preceding the potential reward. You can get a dopamine burst at one of the best online casinos listed at realmoneycasinoonline.ca.

Surprisingly, even such types of gambling as slot machines, which do not involve the active work of the brain, do not include deep thinking in the gameplay, calculating the next moves, and following a clear algorithm of actions can also have their benefits. Look at the examples, playing slot machines can have a positive effect on the central nervous system. Due to active arousal, a number of stress and joy hormones are produced. This kind of cocktail enters the bloodstream, provoking a feeling of positiveness and slight excitement. The feeling of excitement is able to train the nervous system, simultaneously activating the blood flow to the brain.

Scientists at the University of Edinburgh tested over 1,000 people in their late ages for memory, problem-solving, thinking speed, and general thinking ability. The tests were repeated every three years until the participants were 79 years old. At the ages of 70 and 76, they were asked how often they played card games, number games such as bingo and Keno, or solving crossword puzzles. The team also considered the results of an IQ test that participants took when they were 11 years old. It turned out that people who played more in recent years, in their seventies, experienced less diminished intellectual capacity, memory, and thinking speed. The researchers say the findings are helping to better understand which behaviors are important for cognitive health in old age.

All of the aforementioned is a testament to our theory that casino players have statically higher IQ, suffer less from mental disorders, and improve their brain capacity. So, if you want to benefit your mental health, workout IQ, and improve a bunch of brain functions, visit our website with plenty of secure online casinos and give it a try to play online baccarat.

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