Who You Should Talk to When Writing Your Business Plan

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When you’re beginning to write up your business plans, it helps to talk to the right people to secure their advice and guidance. In this article, we’ll discuss the key people who you should consult during the process of coming up with a solid, viable business plan.

Business Plan Consultant

Talking to an experienced, established business plan consultant is a great way to start when you’re putting together your ideas for a new business plan. They will provide valuable insight into the most effective ways of planning, organizing, and running a business, from researching the competition and creating a market analysis, to budgeting resources and setting realistic goals. Talking to an expert business plan consultant can help you understand which strategies are likely to work best in your industry and what potential issues may arise as you refine your plans.

Financial Advisors

When it comes time to begin crunching numbers in your plan, financial advisors are essential partners in helping create accurate projections that fit within the limits of expected costs and probable revenues. Working closely with financial advisors also allows you access to high-level insights into specific areas, such as budgeting, marketing expenditure rationalization, and tax strategy optimization. In addition, you’ll want to work with advisors regarding other topics which need careful consideration before getting started on larger investments for new businesses or expansions for existing ventures.


When writing your business plan, involve lawyers from the start of the process. Lawyers can help ensure that no legal issues exist when drawing up contracts or leases. They can also advise how best to manage company assets once things are up and running and ensure that intellectual property rights are well-protected. Additionally, they can assist in researching relevant regulations for compliance, setting boundaries for partnerships, and drafting intricate aspects of labor laws.

Family and Friends

Family members and close friends can provide invaluable moral support while writing up your business plan because they know your capabilities, strengths and weaknesses within a business atmosphere. They may also have some useful insights into what worked when they ran similar projects in their own businesses or industries. Even if their advice isn’t directly applicable, having somebody close by who understands what it takes to bring an idea from conception through implementation can be immensely helpful along the way.

Venture Capitalists

Venture capitalists are individuals who specialize in evaluating potential investments made by entrepreneurs starting new businesses. They can provide input regarding different avenues where funding might be found and they can often offer multiple strategies for obtaining financing. Their knowledge of current trends, as well as investment options, ensures that any venture capitalist decisions taken are made with utmost thought put into them. This can prove invaluable during the creation of your business model.

Mentors or Coaches

Having a mentor or coach can be immensely helpful during the process of creating your business plan. Mentors are individuals in similar industries who can provide valuable advice, while coaches are those specially trained to help others work through difficult situations and overcome any obstacles that may arise. They both serve as confidantes who will give you honest feedback and suggestions on how you can improve or adjust your ideas. They will also be able to provide external perspectives that could help you see perspectives other than those that first come to mind.

Additional Tips to Keep in Mind

When preparing for conversations with experts, mentors, and other professionals, here are a few tips to keep in mind.

  1. Ask open-ended questions to get their opinion on a variety of topics.
  2. Be prepared to listen and take notes.
  3. Take advantage of any resources they may have that could benefit your business plan.
  4. Consider collaborating with them if you find their advice helpful.
  5. Follow up with them after the conversation to thank them for their time and insights.
  6. Utilize their contacts; networking is an important part of success.
  7. Try to connect with people who have similar experiences or backgrounds in your industry. This will provide access to valuable insider knowledge that can help your business strategy.

Consulting with the right people who have a wealth of knowledge will give you more confidence that your hard work is paying off while creating a comprehensive business plan. Talking to these people can provide the guidance and direction necessary in taking your business idea from concept to reality. With the right advice and insight, you can ensure that your business plan is viable and ready for success.