When Will Virtual Reality Have a Significant Impact on the Gaming Industry?

Virtual Reality

Virtual reality was touted as the next major platform for the world of gaming back in 2016, but it has thus far failed to take off. There are numerous reasons for this, with the price and basic graphics putting many people off. Developers are still going heavy with the new tech, though, and there’s a good chance that it will become mainstream over the next few years.

VR feels like the natural progression for the gaming industry, where titles have been getting more advanced for the last three decades. Many players believe the industry is heading towards this eventuality, but it could take a major development to act as a catalyst.

VR Headsets Still Too Expensive for Many Users

Despite VR technology still being in its early stages, there are already some realistic experiences available. Users can get immersed in a boxing match, feel like they’re riding a rollercoaster, or even go for a skydive. Video games still seem quite rudimentary in their design, and they hark back to the early days of the industry. However, there’s no doubt that this will improve over time.

The main stumbling block for VR has been the price of the headsets. The recently released Meta Quest 2 is almost $500, while the new PSVR2 is retailing at $549.99. This cost is a massive investment for many end users, and it leads to questions about why now would be a good time to buy. More people are clearly thinking that they’ll wait a bit longer until VR becomes an essential household item.

Games Could Be Transformed by VR

VR could have an incredible effect on almost every offshoot of the gaming industry, and there have already been a few indications about how incredible it could be. For example, Batman: Arkham VR gave players the chance to feel as if they were occupying the bat suit, and with enhanced graphics in the future, this type of immersion will be breathtaking.

The online casino industry is another place in which players could soon enjoy full levels of engagement. Some of today’s top safe online casino games are live-streaming offerings that put players in touch with real dealers. These include titles like Lightning Blackjack and Football Studio. With the introduction of VR, players could get an even greater sense that they are sitting at the tables across from the dealers. Some developers have already toyed with this concept, highlighting how integrating VR is at the forefront of their thinking.

Along with VR headsets, haptic technology could also come into play in the future to add to the experience. There have been some astounding innovations in recent years, with some companies even coming up with full haptic suits. However, these are ridiculously expensive at the moment, and it will be a long time before they become affordable items for gamers.

The question of when VR’s impact on the gaming industry becomes significant remains to be seen. It feels like VR could become mainstream once a groundbreaking game comes along that players view as essential. When this will happen, though, is still uncertain.

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