What’s More In The Bag For Kratom’s Skincare Range?

Smiling woman applying face cream sitting on bed

Kratom industry is moving on to enter every industry, from skincare to beverages. But, does it offer variety in these? Let us have a look at the skincare range.

Mrityagna and Skincare 

Mrityagna speciosa is set to make the skincare routine more herbal and natural. It provides an escape from chemical-infused skincare products, which significantly harm our skin in the long run. The application of natural ingredients boosts our skin health not only with every day’s glow but with lifelong shine. For now, kratom powder and soap are the only additions to the daily skin regimen, but the industry is all set to welcome a new range of products. As we know, Kratom is available in different strains like kratom Bali, gold kratom, yellow vein, and many more. Each strain adds certain benefits as per its potency. Nevertheless, let’s have a look at more skin-based kratom products.

KratomVariety among skincare range

Soaps were the only products from the kratom industry, but the industry is ready to tackle all technological hindrances and launch a whole series of products. These products will benefit lips, face, body in numerous ways, but let us first know about other popular options:

  • Sugar scrub
  • Lip balms
  • Lotions
  • Toners
  • Face wash

It is not a very extensive list, but once you make up your mind to add the positives of this Asian herb, you will find a number of different things related to skin. Surprisingly, some are already in the market, yet it’s a rare chance to find one. The reason is a low rate of awareness among kratom users. While searching online is a good option, you can definitely take a more homely approach and make your skincare products at home.

The science behind skincare and kratom

Kratom is a vast area for research. Each year researchers discover something new about its efficacy. To comprehend the relation between skincare and kratom, extensive research is required. Thus, a lot of scientific evidence is lacking; however, the user testimonials prove fruitful in deciding kratom’s potency. To put it simply, kratom offers many positive effects when ingested in powder form because of the reaction between our body parts and the alkaloids present in kratom.

However, the science behind skincare is a bit different because products undergo only an absorption process. That is, no direct kratom intake to prove its reasons for effectiveness. Here, experts have done a handful of studies that show kratom may have topical benefits. The research is based on Southeast Asian island countries and serves as anecdotal evidence apart from user claims. While it serves as good proof, a more in-depth analysis is definitely needed. For now, we at least know kratom may offer skincare benefits if you choose the right product.

At last!

Like any other kratom product, make sure you indulge in conscious buying. Take some time to find a reputable seller who can deliver you a safe product. It is harvested, processed, and packaged considering proper factors. Also, look into the testing policies and user reviews on their website. Buy safe products to let your skin experience the red kratom effects. Quality is a must when buying a herbal product as only that can ensure your skin a safe glow.

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