What You Need to Know Before Hiring Overseas

Looking outside of your own country can be a wise move for a business owner who is looking to grow their customer base and keep costs low. Before hiring a foreign worker, though, make sure you have all the relevant information to know what to expect and position your organization for success.


Understand how to Manage Remote Employees

A challenge for many UK and US employers when hiring in a country other than their own, such as China or Hong Kong, is understanding how to manage their remote team. From payroll to tax compliance, there can be a lot of differences between countries.

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Good Communication

As with any domestic worker, the worker you hire must have good communication skills. With so much physical distance between the new hire and your company, communication is a soft skill that is as important as the hard skills, if not more so.

Without being able to converse effectively, your company risks not only frustrating dialogue but also a slowdown in productivity. Plus, miscommunication can cost the business valuable profits if, for example, a strategy is not carried out as intended.

In addition, look for someone who is open to working outside of their comfort zone and can handle work-related challenges with ease. Flexibility is an advantageous skill for this individual as they must understand the working conditions of both countries.


Gain Networking Opportunities

A great benefit to look forward to when hiring overseas is the growth of networking opportunities. Having an international team can give you insights into other markets that you might not otherwise have, such as knowledge about demand.

Plus, you’ll get a deeper understanding of the culture from someone who lives in Hong Kong, Vietnam, China, or another country, that you might not get otherwise. They can authentically represent your brand in a way that otherwise might not happen, and the result can be a growing customer base that is loyal to your organization.


Know the Time Zones

While time zones might not matter every day, they can be a challenge, so it is crucial to plan for any obstacles. Understand going into employment solutions Hong Kong that emails can be delayed because of differences in times.

Expect that you may not always get an instant response to messages. If it is an urgent business matter, let your overseas staff know that you may contact them outside of regular working hours and find out how best to contact them in this case.


Conclusions about How to Get It Right

Being aware of the above-noted challenges and benefits can help your organization best prepare for a successful expansion. Working alongside employment solutions Hong Kong or another foreign country with experience working there helps ensure you follow different tax regulations and other employment complexities.

The views expressed in this article are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the views or policies of The World Financial Review.