What to Take to A Concert: 5 Must-Haves


You may think you are ready to attend your upcoming concert from your bucket list since you bought tickets for your favorite singer or band, but then you come to the concert and realize you need so many things.

Don’t worry since this often happens because many people forget about essential things one has to bring to a live show because they are too excited about the performance of their favorite artists.

Nevertheless, this can be an issue, and that’s why you have to pay more attention to what to bring to a concert the next time you will go to one with your best friends. Visiting a site like gotStubs is essential for buying concert tickets, but you have to also pay attention to the five must-haves you have to bring in order to feel comfortable throughout the entire concert experience.

Therefore, let’s see the five essential things you have to bring to a concert with you.

Tissues Are Necessary

It may seem ridiculous at first glance, but you will be surprised by how necessary tissues can be for any type of live concert. It doesn’t matter if you go to a metal show by Soulfly or a romantic concert by Adele; you will undoubtedly need tissues at one moment.


Because it’s not about the type of concert since most of them have several things in common. You need tissues to clean up your sneakers, blow your nose, take something from your eye, and many other similar things. That’s why bringing a tiny pack of portable tissue is highly beneficial when going to a live concert, especially during spring and summer outdoor concerts when everything around you is dusty.

In addition, another reason why tissues may come in handy is that it’s possible you might shed a tear or two if you are attending a concert by John Legend or some other singer that has many love songs.

Don’t Go To A Concert Without A Bag

It’s important to find the best place to buy cheap concert tickets since you get to see your favorite artist for a small amount, but keeping those tickets safe is also essential.

A bag is the most suitable thing for carrying concert tickets and everything else you need. Still, it’s more than valuable to mention that you first must read the venue’s policy about whether carrying a bag is allowed. In addition, you should know that this aspect may be vital regarding outdoor concerts because, in the last few years, both stadiums and arenas have had a clear bag policy.

However, if a clear bag isn’t needed, you should most definitely carry a bag or at least a fanny pack or an over-the-shoulder bag. The main reason why this is necessary is that you will have the advantage of carrying all the necessary items and things you need. Also, you will be able to jump, dance, and do whatever you want since the bag allows you to be hands-free all the time during the live show.

Of course, the fundamental reason you should carry a bag is to keep everything you have safe and in only one place.

Both Cash and Card

Another crucial thing you mustn’t forget when going to a live concert is always to take both cards and cash. It doesn’t matter if you are going to the best music festivals or going to a Metallica live concert; remember always to carry both.

The answer why is pretty simple – believe it or not, there are still music festivals and concert venues that don’t take cards. In addition, cash is more suitable if you like to purchase a T-shirt, a new record, or any souvenir from the show; cash is more practical since these things don’t cost a lot of money.

Furthermore, if you even lose one, you always have the other, and you can pick what to pay in order to how much money something costs. Cards are also beneficial since everything can be expensive if you attend a concert by a superstar, so carrying a lot of cash also isn’t a smart move.

Clothes Go Without Saying

We are all sometimes concerned with things like whether it’s possible to buy concert tickets with PayPal, will my friends want to come to the show, is my favorite band going to disappoint me with their performance or not, and we forget to address essential things like clothes.

Yes, you read that right, even though it seems obvious, you still need to think about clothes. What to wear to a concert is one of the essential things, especially if you are attending a show with someone you like to impress.

Also, this aspect is often underestimated, so don’t make the same mistake and see whether it’s going to be hot, cold, windy, rainy, and so on. Always bring layers since if it’s cold, you can add them, and if it’s hot, you can take them off. In addition, if it’s raining, it’s going to rain a lot it’s more than essential to take a raincoat.

Don’t Forget Your Concert Tickets!

All the things above won’t mean anything if you forget your concert tickets.

Imagine going to a live show and realizing you forgot your concert tickets. Or, this may have already happened to you in the past. Whatever the case, don’t allow it to happen again, especially if you are responsible for your but also your friends’ tickets.

Make sure to check if you took the tickets before you meet with everyone else because missing a live concert by your favorite artists would be highly disappointing. Even if you have tissues, clothes, a bag, cash, and cards, it won’t mean a thing if you make the simple mistake of forgetting your tickets.

Since now you know what to take to a concert, make sure to bring these five must-haves. Also, don’t forget to have a lot of fun with your friends while you watch your favorite artist perform!

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