What Software Do Most Accountants Use?

Accounting software

Every business does accounting. It is important to find software vendors that offer the right set of features at the right prices. Small businesses need basic document automation to issue invoices and reports. As the business grows, different functions can be added.

Businesses with more complex needs can choose from a wide variety of accounting software products. It all depends on the needs of the business. Accounting software is very important to a company’s success. Depending, on the functions of the software, you can create professional accounts, record all payments, optimize the tax management process, and much more.

In this review, you can choose the best accounting document automation software for your business. There are affordable and simple programs that include different features for bookkeeping.

Oracle NetSuite 

NetSuite has various advanced features, including enterprise resource planning tools. The software is designed to simplify the process of sending and collecting invoices. Other accounting tasks can also be performed.

To find out the price of the service, you need to contact a sales representative. Oracle NetSuite is the best option for medium and growing businesses that need advanced features. The software offers a cloud-based financial management solution, automating important functions. 

There are also reporting, scheduling, and billing capabilities. It integrates easily with other programs, including a comprehensive suite of business solutions. It is great for companies with a large customer base.

To speed up work with accounts receivable and payable, expedite transactions, and perform complex financial functions, use the full Oracle NetSuite suite. This document automation software does not limit the number of users.

Zoho Books

The advantage of this software is that it has applications for the following operating systems:

  • Apple;
  • Android;
  • Windows.

Using the app, you can send and reconcile invoices, track and manage vendor invoices, and accept payments. Zoho Books has a limit of 5,000 transactions each month. This may not be enough for large businesses, so take that information into consideration.

It is great for running a small business. Not many accounting programs are suitable for freelancers, sole proprietors, home-based companies, and businesses with under 10 employees. A great solution for businesses with simple accounting and bookkeeping needs. In addition, there is a low price for the service.

The advantage of Zoho Books is that it is expandable. As a business grows, additional features can be used. Key benefits are as follows

  • updates;
  • integration with other business applications;
  • tasks can be performed remotely;
  • mobile app availability.

You can choose PandaDoc to automate document management. 


This software product provides the possibility to easily create invoices, accept payments, and track expenses. You can also send automatic reminders. This affordable legal document automation app offers a full suite of accounting tools. 

Keep in mind that adding new members to the program can be very expensive. Despite this, FreshBooks is the best invoicing software. You can design invoices that look professional and match your brand. You can also track the status of invoices and their payment. This makes online payments easier and more convenient for customers. 

This software has a simple toolbar and clear navigation. There is time and expense tracking, as well as a project management feature. This document automation tool has a double-entry system that guarantees organization and tax preparation. 

You can customize accountants’ access to the dashboard, reports, invoices, and expenses and assign permission. FreshBooks has over 100 partners, so you can add many features and connect to other business programs.


With Melio you can accept and make payments from bank accounts. Payments can be easily scheduled, tracked, and monitored. It is convenient to keep track of who has access to accounts payable and receivable. Melio has a 2.9% fee for credit and debit card payments. You have to pay a $20 fee for fast check delivery. These automation software solutions are best suited for small businesses if they need practical tools for handling accounts payable. 

This is simple software that doesn’t have a lot of frills. You will be able to send invoices, receive payments, and manage accounts. The software also integrates with QuickBooks. There are no fees for bank transfers, except for debit and credit cards. 

Melio is noteworthy because of its simple interface and convenience. Adding vendors is quick and easy. Vendor information can be entered manually. You can also upload a dated file or photo of an invoice. Invite internal users and accountants to use this program. You can assign roles and permissions to control access to information. Set up approval controls for transactions to prevent cash flow issues. This is very helpful in controlling payments and other accounting workflows.