What are Valuebets? Exploring the World of Value Betting


In order to obtain an advantage and increase their chances of outstripping the bookmakers, bettors use a variety of betting systems in the current betting environment. Value bets are one such tactic that is frequently promoted as a beneficial one for gamblers. However, what precisely are valuebets? We will explain value bets in depth in this post, including their definition, methods of identification, and main advantages.

What are Valuebets?

Valuebetting is placing bets on results that have a far higher likelihood of occurring than those determined by bookmakers. These are wagers with exaggerated odds that provide bettors a chance to beat the bookies. 

Valuebetting not ensure winning of each bet, but you always remains in the black if use the strategy correctly. To ensure your bets have an advantage over the bookmaker’s line, you need to place over a hundred bets using this betting method.

How to Find Valuebets?


Finding of valuebets requires a combination of skill, knowledge, and thorough analysis of various factors (if you do not use a specialized valuebets finder like BetWasp). Here are some key steps to help you identify potential value bets:

1. Deep Analysys of Events

Thoroughly analyzing the events you wish to wager on is crucial to locating value bets. This entails looking at head-to-head records, injuries, player performance, current form, team statistics, and other pertinent information. The more data you collect, the more adept you will be at identifying possible value possibilities.

2. Comparing the Odds

In value betting, comparing odds from many bookies is crucial. The same event may have different odds offered by different bookies, therefore comparing the best odds can have a big impact on your prospective profits. To quickly compare and spot differences in odds, make use of odds comparison websites or tools.

3. Evaluate Probability

Evaluating the probability of various outcomes comes next, following the collection of pertinent data and the comparison of odds. This involves determining how likely it is for a particular result to occur and contrasting it with the odds provided by bookmakers. Your study, analysis, and knowledge of the sport should serve as the foundation for this evaluation.

4. Calculation of Expected Value

It’s time to calculate the expected value after you have established the odds and estimated the probability of a particular outcome. As previously stated, the expected value is calculated by deducting the probability of losing multiplied by the amount wagered from the probability of winning multiplied by the potential payout. A possible valuebet is indicated by a positive expected value.

As you can see, the identification of valuebet is not a simple process that requires from bettor much time and knowledge. That’s why many punters nowadays choose valuebet search services (eg. BetWasp).

Valuebet scanner and its advantages

The main aim of any valuebets finder is to take over the entire valuebet search and calculation process, with further providing of the list of existing valuebets for the customers. In some case, valuebet scanner also have an additional tool, which even more simpify the working process.

Nowadays, one of the favoriable scanners for Canadian and US punters is BetWasp. This service collects information from betting lines of more than 40 bookmakers from all over the world (most of them are familiar to US bettors) in 44 kinds of sport and provide clients with information on valuebets in a matter of seconds. 

Moreover, this is not only a valuebet search service, but also an online tool for work with surebets. This means you can operate with both strategies at once or alternatively – it’s up to you.

All you need is to:

  1. Set your filter parameters for scanning results (identify bookmakers, sports, markets and other details, which are important for your work);
  2. Choose valuebet from the scanning results;
  3. Calculate the bet amount using handy valuebet calculator;
  4. Go to the bookie’s website and wager a bet (you can do this even from scanner’s page just in one click).

This are only 4 steps you need to follow to place your first valuebet. Of course, in case of valuebetting the winning of every bet is not guaranteed, but the bettor always remains in the black in the long run.


Valuebetting can really become for you an effective way to beat the bookies, but you should learn as more as possible information about strategy before starting work with it and use only reliable valuebet search services like BetWasp.

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