What Are The Re-Spins in Slot Games?

Re-Spins in Slot Games

Many people who are new to gaming are curious to how the re-spin feature works. Some are aware of it, but they only need extra information; I am happy to inform you that you are at the right place to access online slots with bonus and free spins.

Playing online slot games is fun, though the game’s outcome goes beyond the slot player’s control. With the emergence of the re-spin feature, you might just be able to salvage a win while playing at an online slot.

What is a re-spin?

While playing at an online slot, the re-spin feature can come about by landing some special symbols. The process involved in the re-spin is that, while other reels spin again, the symbol freezes. The re-spin feature has a button that must be pressed to use it in other games; it does come at a cost in this situation.

The re-spin feature does not necessarily guarantee a win; it is only an opportunity to improve the player’s winning chances. A player can also trigger the re-spin again during the re-spin bonus round.

Difference between re-spin and free spin

  • These two might seem to mean the same thing, but they are two different phenomena. The free spin process is when the casino gifts a player for free, while re-spin can be triggered.
  • At times a re-spin comes at a cost; this happens when the machine being played features a re-spin button. On the other hand, the free spin is a complete bonus that is gifted to the slot player. At times this might be as a result of landing some special symbols or characters on the machine.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Re-spin

Advantages Disadvantages
The re-spin option is beneficial to gamers as it presents them with another chance to win at the online slot. The re-spin option is similar to getting a second chance.  Using the re-spin option in an online slot does not come cheap as it comes at a cost. Often times, when a player calculates potential winning with the cost of re-spin, it doesn’t amount to much.
The option of re-spin is one that serves as a means of encouragement and motivation towards achieving successful gameplay.  The use of the re-spin feature is not a guarantee that you will win the game. At times the re-spin can even plunge a player into dept depending on the way a player performed at the reel.
Some players are attracted to slot games as a result of the re-spin feature that it possesses. The primary aim of slot games is to have fun; when a Player starts to re-spin more than once, it tends to unleash the desperation in him.


Not many games have the option of re-spin at the moment; as more games are being created, the feature of re-spin is being added to them as a way to encourage the playing of online slot games and also guarantee players of a high winning probability.

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