What Are the Differences Between Enterprise and Business Architecture?

Business Architecture

If you are not part of the corporate business world or aren’t a business student, you might have no idea what we are talking about. However, if you are or aren’t from a business background and are curious as to what is business architecture and what enterprise architecture means, then keep reading. After you are done with this blog post you will have a good, basic amount of knowledge about them. Both these terms are complementary, so they are sometimes used as synonyms or even both together in the same name as Enterprise Business Architecture. As much as this is done though, they are two separate disciplines. Allow us to explain.

What is enterprise architecture?

Enterprise architecture is regarded as the comprehensive and universal planning, analysis, design, and the execution for the evolution and performance of strategy. This is done by involving different principles and methods to assist organisations through the process of the unification of other architecture disciplines. Enterprise architecture analyzes and identifies the implementation of change on the road to the business’ vision.

What is business architecture?

Business architecture is regarded as the holistic and complex business views of capabilities. Business architecture is basically regarded as the blueprints on how an industry works. Stakeholders make use of this blueprint often to have an understanding of the different goals per departments, the strategies, objectives, and tactics used to support the main objectives of the organisation.

The differences

As we mentioned before, enterprise architecture and business architecture are sometimes used interchangeably. However, business architecture is merely a component of enterprise architecture and it contributes by laying the foundation for domains in the enterprise architecture.

The main objective of enterprise architecture is to aid in providing different frameworks, tools, and viewpoints to bring the organisation from where it is to where it wants to be.

The main objective of business architecture is to make sure that all of what is being enforced, modified, and enhanced into business processes and functions are in support of as well as traceable to the business strategy.

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