What Are 3 Things an Accounting School Can Use to Grow Its Brand?

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Are you the owner of an accounting business, and you want to grow it quickly? Being in the field of the accounting business, you will also realise that there is great demand for accounting services in the market. It is also possible you have tried several different scaling approaches to help it grow, but they haven’t been very successful.

Regarding the latest trends in accounting services, there is no doubt Xero accounting has become very popular. Young accounting aspirants are now looking for Xero accounting training to cater to the enormous demand for the same. Moreover, since it is about cloud accounting, storing files on your computer is no longer needed, and many other benefits people now seek globally.

Suppose you are an accounting school offering accounting services, Xero Accounting training, and educating clients on how to use Xero and still wondering how to grow your brand online. In that case, the following are 3 crucial tips that will help it grow.

Write blogs and articles about accounting services

Every company nowadays has a blog. But many just fill it up with pointless articles and don’t expect anyone to read them. In fact, many companies have pointless blog posts written on a weekly basis as part of their SEO strategy that they don’t expect anyone but Google to take note of. This is not the best approach to content marketing because at the end of the day, you should always put your best foot forward.

Let’s look at Investopedia. They are essentially Wikipedia for investing and the finance world. They have a ton of posts about financial terms and financial events which are written by authoritative sources from well-known universities. Each of their posts have a “Key Takeaways” section and have footnotes which show the trustworthiness of information displayed about accounting or finance.

As a company blog, you can establish your profile and authoritativeness by talking about your credentials. Then, write about specific topics. Create videos or host an audio podcast interviewing someone else if you’re on an unfamiliar topic. This way, you can start to slowly gain trust from your audience and this will also help any other digital marketing strategy that you’re currently running as people will more likely want to learn from your accounting school if they’ve previously learned the basics of how to use Xero from you.

Using video marketing

To help your cause, you need to create a YouTube channel without fail. Why do we believe this is crucial for the accounting industry? Its elementary relationships are our business. 

Videos are very important but often underlooked. As an accounting school, you have a classroom and accounting trainers that are passionate about finance and accounting. Take advantage of this resource and set up a camera. With a bit of editing, you can have free Xero online accounting tutorials, teaching people the basics of accounting and how to set up Xero.

If your free online lessons are truly engaging, people who want more will go to you directly. Many good teachers exuberate passion, energy and enthusiasm. Students who want to learn can feel this energy from videos and will want to have in-person lessons and take on a mentor that they can learn accounting from.

This has also been a good marketing strategy for traditional businesses outside the education or finance industry since video marketing shows a person’s personality and helps turn a business from a generic brand name into a trusted source of information that people will want to buy a product or service from. That’s also why universities like Harvard now have their accounting courses and nearly every university course that they offer published online for free! You can learn anything and putting educational content online can only help to boost your brand.

Use of social media

Accounting is typically seen as a boring topic. Not many like to talk about income statements and financial and economic events. But you can use social media to start discussions. For example, Forbes constantly posts about economic downturns and posts quotes from authoritative figures in politics, economics and finance. People in the comments often talk and debate about these quotes which help fuel a productive discussion about key global events.

You can do the same on Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin or Twitter. On Linkedin, you can do a deep dive on one of the videos that you made. If you interviewed the CEO of a big media company, like how Graham Stephan interviewed Mr Beast, you can then talk about the specific accounting struggles that a large company like Mr Beast may undergo on a day-to-day basis.

You can also promote your videos, as we talked about above, on social media platforms like Tiktok by cutting these videos up into short entertaining bits. This will help to get attention from people interested in accounting and finance who may then check out your Youtbue channel and then be exposed to your accounting school’s brand and courses.

Besides, social media is free. Almost everyone is familiar with social media marketing ads that you see constantly on Facebook and Instagram. If you were to provide real value and real helpful information to people on social media platforms, you’ll see how quickly people will take notice and start clicking on your free Xero online courses. This will snowball and eventually people will know your accounting school’s brand name directly and want to learn from you or one of your accounting trainers since they’ve now become a fan on social media.

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