Vexxsel Review: Speed and Sensibility


A relative newbie in the online trading world, Vexxsel offers an exchange mechanism with access to over thousands of assets. An equitable fee and commission structure with transparent policies form their conceptual framework and it is noteworthy that they remain committed to customer satisfaction and feedback.

As far as searching for a brokerage platform goes, you also look for reputation in the financial industry. Because eventually, it all comes down to trust. Most brokerage platforms offer immense benefits but lose their client’s trust over time. 

The recent rise of cryptocurrency has also caused rising scepticism and caution amongst traders when it comes to selecting a broker. In the financial industry, a pattern that has started to emerge in the recent years is, if a broker is suitable, the clients refuse to switch or taken on another over the longer term. So, one metric for gauging a broker’ worthiness definitely has to be client turnover. 

Vexxsel is on our agenda today and we intend to measure it to size ourselves before making a recommendation. Are you ready to join us as we assess the pros and cons? If yes, please read further on.

Vexxsel Analysis:

The Things We Like:

The immediate things that stand out for us are:

  • Commission free trading
  • 24/7 client support via website chat feature
  • Zero withdrawal fees
  • A mobile application

The Things We Don’t Like:

The unfortunate reality is that no brokerage platform has been made perfect. Some things which didn’t appeal to us were:

  • Inactivity fees
  • Minimum deposit requirement
  • A limited selection of traditional assets (stocks and indices)

The Asset Offerings:

Offering over 10,000 assets for its clients to trade ranging from traditional to popular and even newly introduced. The range encompasses the below:

  1. Shares in around 200 plus companies
  2. Stock indices trading of popular economies i.e. USA, Japan, UK, Germany, Singapore
  3. Cryptocurrencies (most popular ones and some lesser known ones)
  4. Foreign exchange pairings
  5. Commodities
  6. Energies
  7. Metals
  8. Forward contracts and options trading

Asset Offerings

Client Support Options

Their client support facility is extended to clients over the following mediums:

  • Webchat (Mondays to Fridays 24 hours)
  • Email (24/7) with a resolution time of 10 hours or less
  • Telephone (Mondays to Fridays 8am GMT to 6pm GMT)
  • FAQ section on their website

Trained professionals are available to assist you in areas of account opening, platform assistance, account funding and withdrawals, technical support, bugs and downtime assistance.

Platforms- Web And Mobile

The thing we found quite impressive was that although Vexxsel is big on its platform support, the platform set up is very simple. Vexxsel asserts that this need stemmed from the fact that most traders flocking to online platforms post COVID were not bothered about flashy charts and advanced features as much. Hence, in order to keep their platform accessible and user friendly, they maintain a simple set up. 

Most traders you will come across on Vexxsel’s platform are beginners or cautious, risk averse traders who prefer simplicity above everything.

Web Platform

As mentioned previously, the web interface is simple. This does not mean that it is without features entirely. There are data metrics for use of the client, albeit you will not find flashy charting features that are so heavily advertised by other platforms. This also helps in technical areas as Vexxsel has yet to suffer any platform downtime to date.

Simplicity wins the day. 

Mobile Application

The mobile application was rolled out by Vexxsel earlier this year based on popular demand from clients. This is intended to provide on the go trading, albeit simple trading only. Cryptocurrency is not accessible from the application yet. Clients can view the value of their portfolio in real time at any point in time by simply logging in.

Recently, the mobile application login has incorporated face identification to provide ease of access for clients using iOS.

Explore New Horizons With Vexxsel

Vexxsel has our vote for a reliable trading interface. A growing clientele of long term customers who continue to choose Vexxsel year on year shows their dedication and commitment to their clients.

Choose to trade with Vexxsel via their website today.

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