USCCA vs CCW Safe: Which is the best CCW insurance?

USCCA and CCW Safe have already been ranked by many gun owners as some of the best firearms CCW insurance choices but how do they compare between them? In this USCCA vs CCW Safe comparison, we are going to dig into the coverage and features of these 2 concealed carry insurance providers to help you choose which one may be right for you.

We know this decision is a bit difficult for some firearms owners because some recent gun owners have that difficulty choosingthey narrowed their selfdefense legal protection coverage down to either USCCA or CCW Safe. Even some veterans who are actual firearms attorney found that it wasn’t easy to choose between these two. This is exactly why we knew that we needed to come up with this article comparing the two choices – hopefully it makes it easier for you readers to decide.

Secondly, neither CCW Safe nor USCCA are actually “insurance packages. This is an important legal difference. Instead, they are both legal defense coverage plans.

The difference may not mean much to some of you, but firearms attorneys want to be very careful and clear in their explanations. However, for the sake of candour and because the terms are so commonly used, we will refer to these as “ccw insurance” or concealed carry insurance” even though you know better.

USCCA breakdown

The USCCA is the biggest player in the self-defense legal protection space.  They claim to have the largest number of members and they have the biggest organization. USCCA is no slump, either. The great thing that most people never really thought about is that USCCA is more than just a “concealed carry insurance plan. They will cover you and have covered others in a legitimate self-defense incident, but they do a lot more than that.

They offer a more palpable product than the other concealed carry insurance companies do, in the form of their magazine and training. While that may not be a big deal to some firearms owners, think about it from my perspective for just a moment.

If you sign up for some kind of legal coverage for self-defense with any other establishment, you can pay thousands of dollars over the course of your life and never really have to use it.

That’s generally the hope, right? Some people rather not have to use my gun in self-defense however, that chance is always there and some people are willing and quite able to do so if required.

The point, is that you will pay thousands of dollars and never get anything back for it. Having a peace of mind is great, however we are talking about a tangible good. Not so with USCCA.

With USCCA, you also get their magazine, something you won’t get with anyone else. While many people scoff at this and some folks may not even read it, it’s something tangible that members get.

CCW Safe break down

CCW Safe was created and started by police officers. As a matter of fact, co-founder and CEO Mike Darter wanted to create CCW Safe based on the experience that he was involved in a police shooting that ended in a lawsuit. That lawsuit was eventually ignored, but that experience led to the formation of CCW Safe.

The reason why is because police officers have a certain volume of protection that doesn’t carry over into their civilian lives. As soon as he left the department he realized that he was no longer covered.

That kind of experience is exactly what some people will be looking for in a company theywant defending themselves. At the end of the day, experience does get results. In addition to their experience, you get empathetic people who are willing to actually do their job.

While we cannot speak to the particulars, there are people who have used CCW Safe to defend against a lawsuit said that they made the call to the company, they answered, and had people on the grounds shortly after that first phone call.

We have also found out from feedbacks that the CCW Safe Critical Response Team is unparalleled in that regard. Not yet impressed? How about the fact that there are gun owners who are members of two other legal programs, the call took place on a major holiday, and CCW Safe is the ONLY Company that answered the calls?

Well, that’s not entirely factual. Some other legal firearms company did answer the phone, but said they’d call back the next working day due to the holiday. How aggravating is it when a business is based around the attorney having a phone in his pocket, supposedly willing to answer a phone call and come to you straightaway but then it doesn’t happen when you need them at the most important time?

After you’ve been involved in a dire incident and you’re paying a lot of money per year for a service, you expect that company to fulfil what they said they will do – drop what they’re doing and immediately help you.

That’s what CCW Safe apparently did for some of their members, while the others, who will remain unnamed here for now, hardly help. We have read and listened to several feedbackswho used CCW Safe and they are blown away by the level of service and the extreme lengths they went to make sure everything is taken care of.

To present day, they’re the only self-defense legal protection program who can claim that they helped someone get cleared through a murder case. We can tell you how CCW Safe is dedicated and will be with you within 12 hours. Gun owners are able to renegotiate his severance when they have to leave their employer, hired private investigators and expert witnesses, and did other things that frankly will surprise you if you look into it.


So, which one is better, USCCA or CCW Safe? We really can’t answer that for you. What we can say is that they are both great in their own right and that you will certainly need to use one of them.

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