The Ultimate Guide to Maximizing Compensation in California Car Accident Claims

The Ultimate Guide to Maximizing Compensation in California Car Accident Claims

Car accidents are never easy events to process. Aside from your personal injuries, there are other issues you’ll have to contend with. From accident reports, and dealings with insurance agency inquiries, to managing your emotions, there are numerous things you’ll have to take care of. Ensuring you receive the maximum compensation for your damages is another stressful worry.

San Diego County victims of a personal injury from a car accident should consult with an Oceanside car accident lawyer to help ease their minds. Their job should be to focus on their physical recovery. Let the lawyers handle the legal stuff.

How to Maximize Your Car Accident Compensation

Once you’re on the mend, your thoughts will most likely be on how to find ways to ensure that you receive maximum compensation for your damages. The financial aspects of personal injury claims usually go well beyond medical bills and should include things like lost current and future wages, pain and suffering, and other claimable damages. However, to get the best car accident settlement, you’ll need to get and keep all of your ducks in a row.

We’ve put together this ultimate guide to maximizing car accident compensation to help you to move forward and put this traumatic event behind you. Following these 5 tips can help you to receive the best settlement.

Seek Medical Care and Continue Treatment

California personal injury law states that you must prove the negligent party caused significant bodily harm. Not seeking medical immediately or within a day or so of the accident is a red flag to the defendant’s insurance company. Just after an accident, your body is flooded with adrenaline which could mask your injuries, so it’s common to not feel any aches or pains until the following day.

Equally important to your lawsuit is to continue your medical treatment plan. Postponing or missing doctor’s appointments or therapy sessions will give the defendant’s team a chance to doubt your injuries.

Never File Your Case Without a Lawyer

You’ll need to work with an experienced personal injury attorney to receive the maximum compensation for your damages. Insurance companies often offer a quick settlement hoping you’ll accept their lowball offer. These settlements are rarely close to what you deserve. Your lawyer has the skills and know-how to negotiate with insurance companies to get you a better settlement offer.

The California personal injury statute of limitations is two years from the date of the accident, so it’s crucial to begin working with an attorney as soon as possible. Gathering the necessary evidence to prove your case can be time-consuming, so any delay in consulting with a lawyer will give them less time to prepare your case.

Stay Off Social Media

Victims of car accidents can easily sabotage their case by posting about it on their social media accounts. It can be incredibly tempting to post details of your accident along with opinions of what happened. This should generally be avoided. The defendant’s legal team can use these posts against you.

Even posts that aren’t related to your lawsuit can come back to haunt you. If you’re claiming severe injuries, chronic pain, and emotional trauma, you’re socials could present a much different picture.

Be Careful Who You Talk To

You should only discuss the details of your accident and your lawsuit with your lawyer. Refuse any discussions with the defendant, their insurance company, or any others who ask you to make a statement about what happened. You may be given the opportunity to tell your side of the story, however, in most cases, this is the defendant’s legal team trying to get you to say something that can be used against you.

Gather Evidence and Document Everything

Your lawyer and their team of experts will help you to gather all of the necessary evidence to prove both neglect and the severity of your injuries. Police reports, accident eyewitness statements, medical documents, and even photos of the accident scene can help you to receive maximum compensation for your damages. This stresses the importance of working with an experienced attorney since they know

Journaling everything that you’ve experienced due to the accident is a smart way to ensure that you don’t miss any evidence that can award you a bigger settlement. Write down all of your medical appointments, discussions with your healthcare professionals, and any new symptoms or conditions you might experiences. This can include days off from work, sleepless nights, increased anxiety or depression, and anything else related to the accident.

Maximizing Your California Car Accident Claims Explained

Receiving the maximum compensation for your car accident lawsuit should always start with hiring an experienced personal injury attorney. With their guidance, they’ll help you to get every penny you should. Filing a California personal injury lawsuit on your own is to be avoided.

Insurance companies will do everything they can to avoid paying the maximum amount for your claim and will offer quick low-end settlements, scan your social media for things they can use against you, and will use other methods to keep from paying you what you deserve. Only an experienced personal injury attorney can get you the biggest settlement amount.