Trading and investment online – Can you make money on the Forex market?

Is it real to make money on Forex? How much do traders around the world earn? Can trading become a permanent and main source of income?

Opinions about making money in trading are strictly polar, like the South and North Poles. Someone is sure that it is impossible to make a profit in this area. Someone thinks that it is possible to increase capital by 10 times in 1 month. As is usually the case, both are wrong. Let’s figure out why.

What do the statistics say?

According to the latest data, the turnover of currency on Forex is $ 4.5 trillion per day. Taking into account the dynamics of trade in this market, it is predicted that in 5-7 years the turnover will increase to $ 10 trillion.

Only 5% of people who come to trading make a profit. Traders who have already tried their hand at trading and have not been able to achieve anything believe that no one can make money, since they failed. Naturally, they feel offended, and they believe that the market, the broker, or something else is to blame, but not themselves. At the same time, the failed traders themselves admit that they did not use all possible tools for example, various bonuses from the site to achieve success.

A few years ago, entire blogs were created dedicated to the fact that it is impossible to make money on Forex. But then, these sites began to disappear somewhere. People passed their “resentment” and with it – the desire to lead their own page.

On the other hand, more conscious traders began to come to the market, who do not try to look for “freebies”, but work. They understand that losses in the market are theirs, and only theirs, their failures and they are to blame for them.

The experience of successful traders.

The question “is it possible to make money on Forex?” Should be asked not to those who have been involved in a trade for a week and lost money, but to those who have been doing this for years, and I think that you understand – the answer is obvious.

Experienced traders will answer unequivocally “yes”, even if the current state of affairs in their account is not in their favor. The thing is that these investors perfectly understand what is the reason for their current failures and will make every effort to prevent this situation from happening again in the future.

Experts say that in online trading you go through 3 stages:

– Losing money – all beginners go through this stage, and most are eliminated at this stage

– You don’t lose money – but you don’t earn either, you just already know how to manage your capital so as not to drain it. Up to this stage comes 30% percent. And most of them leave at the second stage, deciding that it is not realistic to make money on Forex.

– You get a profit – only a few reach this stage. But they are the ones who eventually start to make money.

Let’s summarize:

– Is it realistic to make money on Forex? But for this, you need to study, not count on becoming a millionaire in a year, plan everything strictly, master not only financial skills but also the ability to self-control.

– How much they earn on Forex – a successful trader makes about 50% per annum. Big numbers are possible, but they come with great risks. But such income does not come immediately.

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