Top 7 Bitcoin Mixers in 2022

Bitcoin Mixer

Initially, bitcoins were created as a type of currency the transfer of which cannot be controlled or tracked, but in fact, it turned out that information about transactions and balances remains completely open to third parties. In order to be able to conduct anonymous transactions in the bitcoin network, cryptocurrency blenders were created.

A cryptocurrency mixer or bitcoin mixer is an Internet platform that offers the service of mixing your coins with coins of other owners or previously cleaned coins that are in the platform’s reserve. Then, these mixed coins are returned to you in already cleaned condition (as a whole sum you deposited or in installments).

After the coins have undergone the procedure described above, it becomes almost impossible to trace the source of their origin and the identity of their owner.

Methods of coins mixing

At the moment, the most popular methods of mixing coins are:

With the help of centralized bitcoin mixers (tumblers)

We are talking about services that have their own significant supply of coins on their balance sheets, and these coins are mixed with the cryptocurrency of the clients who applied for participation. Such services work according to the following principle: the user transfers the desired amount to the chosen platform, where the bitcoins fall into the common “pot”, and then they are mixed with the available coin stock. Upon completion of the mixing procedure, new, already cleaned coins are transferred to the address specified by the client or to several provided addresses.

In order to get rid of all possible ‘electronic traces’ and, accordingly, to further increase the level of anonymity of transactions, many bitcoin mixers offer customers a number of options for additional protection. Their use is optional but highly recommended to enhance your own privacy. For more options, you can also check out.

These include:

– setting a random service fee;

– using a function of the time delay of the operation;

– multitransactions.

Through CoinJoin process

The second popular coin mixing method is CoinJoin that is not completely anonymous. This solution means combining several transactions of participants into one pool and paying back the clients with relatively ‘clean’ coins.

The choice of many customers is to use both mixing methods at the same time. Such a solution helps to increase the confidentiality of cryptocurrency transactions.

TOP 7 Bitcoin Mixers Popular In 2021

1. UniJoin

The service is one of the most reliable, user-friendly, and currently very popular platforms for mixing bitcoin transactions. The only information that is requested from the client is the address to which the previously deposited cryptocurrency funds will be returned. Registration and any personal data are not required, and upon completion of operations, all traces of user actions are deleted.

The main advantages of include:

– the availability of a large reserve fund of already cleaned coins;

– the highest possible speed of transactions;

– the feature to manually set operations time delay up to 24 times a day, the option that is not offered by any other service;

– absence of a fixed service fee (each user has the opportunity to determine the fee amount individually);

– the ‘tumbler’ is equipped with the additional function “Mixing Code” that guarantees complete confidentiality for returning participants;

– opportunity to use SegWit and betch32 addresses;

– automatic deletion of information about actions of the participant upon completion of transactions;

– the ability to include up to eight addresses for the withdrawal of cryptocurrency;

– the site features a regular URL and one with a pseudo .onion top-level domain (for browsing through Tor and Darknet).

2. SmartMix

It is one of the most popular blenders today, famous for its simplicity and convenience of use. It also promises the complete anonymity of the history of transactions with cryptocurrencies.

The platform has a whole array of additional tools and benefits not found at other tumbling services. SmartMix users can become members of the referral program, under which a client who shares his unique and confidential referral link with friends and invites them to join in receives cryptocurrency bonuses for each transaction made through this link. According to the terms of the loyalty program, the client saves money on service fees, too; the more coins he or she mixes, the greater the discount.

The user selects the preferred coin among three available types of cryptocurrency, specifies the address for funds withdrawal (five of them can be included in total), sets the transaction delay (optionally, maximum for 72 hours), and transfers the desired number of coins to the platform.

SmartMixer offers the following mixing options: mixing with the coins of other participants, with the personal reserves of the site, and with the cryptocurrency of investors.

Users do not need to provide any registration data, and a small fee for coin cleaning is deducted from the mining fee, which is very convenient for customers.

The confirmation of each performed operation happens through the letter of guarantee sent to the user. The data on transactions are automatically deleted after 24 hours, thereby ensuring the confidentiality of the participant’s identity.

The process of mixing coins itself takes only a few minutes.

3. Mixer Money

The user transfers a certain number of coins to the service account, this amount is split into smaller ones, and each of them is mixed with small amounts of crypto funds belonging to other users or coins stored in the platform reserve. ‘Clean’ coins are returned in small portions to the address specified by the user. The described algorithm significantly complicates the process of blockchain analysis, which guarantees the complete confidentiality of the cryptocurrency.

The mixing procedure takes 6 hours. In two days after the operation, all data about it is automatically erased.

A feature of Mixer Money is the implementation of two different modes of mixing coins. To become a user of the platform, you do not need to enter any registration data.

4. PrivCoin

A distinctive feature of this site is that it combines the functions of a mixer and a swapper at the same time. This means that the service not only mixes and ‘cleans’ the coins but also provides for the possibility of changing the kind of cryptocurrency and withdrawing it in a new desired form. It guarantees users an even greater level of privacy.

It is also interesting that the participants independently set the size of the commission fee for their transactions, thus influencing the level of anonymity of operations. The larger the commission amount, the safer the operations, respectively.

The PrivCoin resource offers its users the ability to set a transaction delay of up to 24 hours.

Since the platform has ample reserves of cryptocurrency funds, transactions are processed immediately after confirmation of the deposit of coins. Upon completion of the transaction, the client receives a letter of guarantee, and the log with all the data on the operation performed is destroyed in a day.

According to the terms of PrivCoin, there is the lowest allowable amount for mixing: 0.01 BTC. Anything less than that is considered a donation and is non-refundable.

The undoubted advantage of this service is round-the-clock technical support for its users.

5. Bitcoin Laundry

The reason for the high popularity of this cryptocurrency mixer lies in its ability to remove even the hint of a connection between the past and present addresses of users. Due to this interference, it becomes impossible to establish the identity of the client and to restore the trace of carried transactions.

Bitcoin Laundry does not charge its customers a service fee, there is a small commission fee only for coins withdrawal to the specified address.

Participants are offered the opportunity to include up to five addresses for the withdrawal of cryptocurrency funds. The particularly convenient thing about it is that for each of the addresses you can specify the percentage of the total amount that will be deposited here.

In order to make it as difficult as possible to keep track of ongoing transactions, this resource allows you to automatically or manually set the desired time delay for payments to each of the addresses.

The history of transactions is deleted automatically in 7 days after its completion; it is also possible to dispose of the transaction log in manual mode, with just one click.

6. BTC Blender

A distinctive feature of this site is a simple and convenient process for cleaning coins. The service requires a single confirmation of the transaction, after which the cleaned cryptocurrency funds are transferred to the specified address. If desired, the user has an option to manually enter a time delay for the operations. Upon completion of the operation, each participant is sent a unique link, and by following it, they can delete their journals.

The fees set by BTC Blender are among the lowest in the field, making only 0.5% of the total amount, which makes it particularly attractive for customers who need to clean large amounts of coins.

7. Bitcoin Fog

The service performs efficient cleaning of coins, hiding the actions taken by users in the cryptocurrency world. ‘Laundered’ coins can be withdrawn to one or several addresses (maximum 5). The journal with operations is automatically disposed of in 7 days.

Bitcoin Fog offers its customers high-quality technical support. For example, if within two hours after the completion of the transaction, the customer’s balance has not been deposited with money, you can contact the support and count on a fast and efficient resolution of the issue.

The platform operates on a separate dedicated server that is openly connected to the network. Its launch, however, is carried out on the other piece of equipment, and any suspicious activity is strictly monitored. At the slightest sign of intrusion, the site is automatically blocked.

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