Top 5 Free Personal Finance Software for 2022

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By Amanda Girard

Staying on top and controlling your finances is a must for effective budgeting. But doing this with only a pen and paper can be quite the task that only a few will ever embark on. The good news is that you can make the most out of personal finance software.

For 2022, Nick Wilson CEO of AdvanceSOS, came up with the top five free personal finance software you can use for free to keep everything in order. Using his expertise in finance, Nick shares what software he thinks can help you attain financial freedom.

#1 Top Online Budget Planner – Mint

Since 2006, Mint has become one of the global software giants in budget tracking and planning. The online budget planner does not disappoint with its rigid features that put financial planning in one place. Once you use it, there is little to no need to use other software for budgeting. Mint’s most featured functionalities include:

  • Centralized accounts – connect all your financial statements to track cash flow in real-time.
  • Budget goal tracker – set short to long-term financial goals and track your progress.
  • Budget alerts – stay within your budget as it warns you if you have spent more than projected.

You can access Mint on the web using your browser. It also has an app version available in Google Play and the Apple Play Store. As it has a mobile version, you can bring Mint anywhere with you. As soon as you have an entry for your planner, you can take note of it right away.

#2  Personal Accounting – GnuCash

If you’re looking for more specialized software for accounting, GnuCash is a great option. A reliable and well-featured free accounting software, GnuCash works best for personal to small-scale business accounting. While helping you stay in the know of your finances, it also has invoicing, payrolls, and compliance report data features. It’s the best free tool for non-finance managers running small businesses.

As it has more advanced features, GnuCash remains a desktop-only software compatible with Windows, Mac OS X, GNU/Linux, BSD, and Solaris. Working with it in your computer setup, you can also explore GnuCash and its best features more.

#3  All-Around Management – AceMoney Lite

If you’re looking for savings and investment-centered software to help you track your portfolio, AceMoney Lite is for you. Do your budget while monitoring the stock market. See how to your income better and make money more using its integrated investing feature. With its online banking feature, fund your investments right away with only a few clicks.

AceMoney Lite for free can already do wonders in getting yourself a better financial view and management. But, there is always its full version for you to explore for even more functionalities. So if you’re planning AceMoney Lite full-time, you may want to consider its paid pro-plan. AceMoney Lite is a desktop-only software compatible with Windows and Mac OS X. 

#4  Investment Tracking – Personal Capital

Long-term planning is always a wise thing to do in the world of personal finance. As they say, the sooner you become prepared for retirement, the freer you become during your youth. Are you looking for free and easy-to-use software for investments and retirement? If yes, Personal Capital is an excellent choice for you. Personal Capital focuses on long-term portfolio expansion with minimal risks. So the software can help you on making money in the more long-term. Keeping in mind long-term returns for your money today, Personal Capital can take care of you for your and your family’s future’s sake.

Personal Capital is accessible via your web browser. But for a more accessible version, it is also available in Google Play Store and the Apple App Store. With this, you can bring Personal Capital with you anywhere to track your investments and see how your future is going.

#5  Secured Manual Budgeting – Buddi

Is the security of your finances your priority in selecting a finance software? If it is, you may not be in better hands for free than with Buddi. Keep close track of your short-term expenses without worrying about hacking or theft. Buddi prides itself in its high-security encrypted operations, so you can sit back and relax. Financial creepers will never know about your financial matters. What is yours is yours, and never others’.

Plus, Buddi is also easy to use. Even for non-finance professionals who want healthy financials, Buddi works well with them. With its manual entry system, you can start slow and ease using it. Buddi does not pressure you to automate everything right away, so you don’t have to be tech-savvy to use it.

Buddi has available application versions for Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux.

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