Top 10 Office Supplies for a Business Startup

Writing Pad

One of the first things, if not the first thing, a startup business needs is a range of office supplies it will need to run smoothly. They are essential little items that every employee need to function correctly and perform their daily duties effectively. Are you wondering what essential things every business needs to be well-stocked with right on startup? Read on the top 10 in this list.

If you are a start-up entrepreneur, you would like to know about the essentials that your office would need for its day-to-day functioning. From the best U Shaped Desk to paper clips, staplers and printers, we cover the top ten essential office supplies that are integral to the functioning of a modern business start-up in 2022. 

1. Paper. What kind of company can live without paper? Even in these modern times when paper trails are not as popular, an office desk could not be complete without paper. An office must not run out of paper, especially while it is in its startup stage, when many different prints may be required—from letterheads to calling cards and others. There must also be enough supply of premium paper for printing important documents and correspondences.

2. Pens. Writing tools like pens and pencils are another set of important supplies you must have ample stocks of. As your reliable supplier, you can get your office supplies from and enjoy a wide range of writing devices and other items to suit your every need and requirement. Did you know that using paper and pen can sharpen your brain? We know it’s the computer age, but the power of paper and pen can never dwindle in improving cognitive and motor skills. Besides, nothing beats the accessibility of this tandem when you have a bright idea you want to note before it escapes your mind.

3. Folders. If you do not want the desk to look like one big sight of chaos, you will employ folders to file documents in. They are wise investments that will take away the mess off your desk and keep them neatly stacked and organised for easy sorting and accessing.

4. Stapler. Keeping documents together is simpler with the help of a stapler. It’s a basic but substantial item, which cannot miss your desk, right on your first workday.

5. Envelopes. Sending out documents to partners and other people you are dealing with is presentable and secured if you stuff them in envelopes. You need a stockpile of different sizes and types of envelopes right from the beginning. One great way to do this is by buying envelope holders from These holders come in a variety of designs, so you can find one that suits your business perfectly. The good news is, you can obtain them in large quantities for reasonable prices.

6. Notepads. Where do employees write things that will help them organise their tasks and keep their to-do lists updated? You guessed right: in notepads. They are accessible and handy for writing down notes, no matter what they may be.

7. Glue and tapes. There are many things you need to stick together around the office, which makes glue and different types of tapes essential.

8. Computer systems. No business can run as efficiently if it is not using the advances in technology. Therefore, computer systems, complete with programs and software that can help simplify their workloads, are as important as pen and paper. Furthermore, when choosing software, consider reviewing SAP Business All-In-One to easily manage and streamline your business processes for improved efficiency and productivity.

9. Printers. Several documents need to be printed at the office every day, from the computer to the paper to wherever there has to be an efficient printing unit to help employees keep up with several office duties.

10. Paper shredder. Papers are on top of the list. You might wonder then why paper destroyers are part of this list, too. Well, they function for keeping sensitive documents from getting to the wrong hands. Once they go through the shredder, the trace is easier to erase.

No office can function efficiently and productively without office supplies, and the top 10 items on this list are must-haves right from the first day you open for business.

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