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Reading mixed The Lucky Date reviews didn’t help us understand what this site really is. This is why our team or online dating enthusiasts has bought a subscription, to test out if the dating platform provides quality services and good value. So, welcome to our adventure and a comprehensive dive-in to The Lucky Date com.

Site overview

The Lucky Date is among popular international sites and is relatively new on the market. It has over 60K monthly visits, which indicates that people are using it for online dating. There are women of different ages from Russia, China, Hungary, Ukraine, and different countries all over the world.

The website is partly paid and runs on a credit basis. It means that some services are provided for free, while others require credits. Visitors are not able to see profiles of female members, and they can start searching only after registration. The Lucky Date is most popular in the US and Denmark.popular in the US and Denmark

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Best findings of Lucky Date review

  • Free sign-up
  • Mobile-responsive interface and layout
  • Detailed profiles and gorgeous women
  • Robust support team
  • Reasonable prices that start at less than 3 bucks

Cons of the dating website

  • Users can’t explore The Lucky Date website without registration
  • No free ways of communication
  • No The Lucky Date app, but there’s mobile-friendly interface

The Lucky Date is good for

  • Single guys who want to chat with foreign women
  • Westerns looking for a potential girlfriend for long-distance romance
  • Newbies who want to start their romantic journey
  • Experienced users who had no luck on other sites

The Lucky Date cost

  1. Standard membership—free
  2. Premium subscription—$2.99 for 2,000 credits

Top Alternative to The Lucky Date

Want to explore other dating platforms? Here are some popular mono-national websites to explore.

  • JollyRomance—With 400K monthly visits BravoDate is full of active members from Eastern Europe. There is a bunch of communication ways, advanced features and even presents delivery. The dating website is suitable for mid-aged people.
  • EasternHoneys—One of the top Asian dating sites, with 250K monthly visits. Vast database of Asian singles, different contact ways, and 24/7 support team. – update the highlighted site name
  • La-Date—Good option if you want to meet women from Latin America. The site is modern, user-friendly, has 130K monthly visits and an active membership base.

Registration on the Lucky Date

The Lucky Date website attracts a lot of interest, as there are many mixed reviews. Some people doubt whether women on-site are real, others confuse the website with Lucky Date app that has only 2.8 stars on Google Play. But not one The Lucky Date review claims that the site is a ‘dark horse’ of international dating, and it’s a shame that many singles are not using it.

Frankly, we doubted who to believe, as modern dating sites have a business model and they use machine learning and promotion to attract wider audience. And, we should also consider competitors that sometimes like to play dirty. But to cut it short, we can’t recommend anything without doing research and testing The Lucky Date to provide an unbiased dating site review.

Registration reviewed

We started our journey by visiting The Lucky Date and signing up. Becoming a member is free, and the whole process is super easy. We clicked on a registration form on the main page and filled in all the basic information required.basic information required

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Users can’t skip any obligatory fields, but everything in the follow-up dating profile questionnaire is optional. Members can even skip adding a photo if they want to stay anonymous. The general first impression from the site is positive, registration takes under 10 min, and users provide additional details later on.

Don’t rush registration

Take your time to fill in all the information on The Lucky Date to make your profile detailed and therefore attract the right kind of women.

Add your best photos

Even though the site offers to skip adding photos, profiles with photos statistically get more attention on any dating site. Make sure to use fresh and high-quality picks that tell more about your personality and lifestyle.

Make eye-catching bio

You should fill in your bio section. Most users spend 5-6 seconds on a profile, so the first line of your bio should catch attention. Talk about your expectations, describe who are you looking for but make it short and sweet.

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The Lucky Date cost reviewed

The financial side of online dating is one of the most important factors for many singles. No one wants to be fooled or spend money on anything. To test out whether The Lucky Date provides value for the buck, we bought a Premium membership. Let’s see if we regret it.

Free features

To our surprise, The Lucky Date provides plenty of free services and features, which is a rare thing for international dating sites. We tested such free features:

  • Registration
  • Creating profile
  • Changing personal details on our profile
  • Unique matching algorithm
  • Different search options
  • Browsing women’s profiles
  • Using in-chat conversation starters
  • Contacting support team
  • Adding girls we liked into ‘Starred’ list
  • Liking ladies photos

Liking ladies photos

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All free features were useful enough for the starter’s pack. Most of them are available in the top bar or the right corner.

Cost of subscription on The Lucky Date

The premium subscription costs $2.99 for 2,000 credits; it’s a special offer for new members of The Lucky Date. Such platforms usually have discounts and promo deals that provide a nice opportunity to test the website without spending a fortune. Here is what we spent our credits on:

  • Message service—Easy chat option costs 200 credits per min. There are convenient conversation starters that are free to use. We used this communication way with each of the women we approached.
  • Chat stickers—Cool stickers can make a conversation more flirty, but they are 500 credits each. In our opinion, it’s not the best use of money.
  • Emails—The Lucky Date also offers a letter service, where users can write romantic letters. The service works well, and a bonus of 1000 credits for the first one and 3,000 for all next is also pleasant. Emails can be longer, and you can attach photos for free.

you can attach photos for free

There are no obligations to buy credits or to use particular services. But without credits, there is no communication services available. 

Also, there is an option of automatic top-up, which can save from the hustle of replenishing your balance, but it can also lead to uncontrolled spending. We see how it can be convenient to some people, but we are not one of them.

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How to find matches on The Lucky Date site

Meeting someone to chat or date is the main reason why singles join The Lucky Date. That’s why we tested all of the available services and features to find the best matches. Here is how our search went.


Searching for a suitable partner is easy on the website. We started with a regular search feature that can be found first in the top bar of The Lucky Date. When we clicked on the ‘Search’ button, we were offered to filter the database of beautiful girls based on location and age. If you have any preference of what country or of what age your potential girlfriend should be, Search can save you a lot of time.Search can save you a lot of time

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Searching is easy and interactive, but the search tool has some countries in its filter and no women to match it. We tried Ireland (age 18-35) and were offered ladies from Kazakhstan. Well, women were gorgeous, but not exactly what we were looking for.


The quality of profiles is an important factor for the safety and effectiveness of the service. We haven’t found any repeating profiles during our review of the dating platform. To get on to the woman’s profile, you need to click the ‘Profile’ button under the user photo in Search. From The Lucky Date profile you can learn the following things about its owner:

  • Name
  • Location
  • Age
  • Profession
  • Hobbies
  • Zodiac sign

Also, there’s a bio where women describe themselves and answer what person they are looking for. We liked the format of profiles as they were not long yet informative. There was no unnecessary information, and it seems like a regular user can see if they are compatible with the user before actually paying for the contact way of the way of the platform

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Most profiles that we saw were 100% filled and had at least 3 photos. There are women of different ages, from young girls to mid-aged people. It’s great that there are additional details, which help to find matches. Moreover, all profiles have a special tab for communication.


On each profile of the dating platform, there is access to messaging and mail. You just need to click on a field and write a letter or a short message to any user you like. The website made the placing of service buttons comfortable, and you can also see all incoming texts and letters in Messages or Inbox in the top bar.Messages or Inbox in the top bar

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General impression of finding matches and starting conversation on the platform is positive. It would be nice if there was a video chat to talk to girls in real life.

Special features that help TheLuckyDate stand out

The matching algorithm is The Lucky Date’s special thing: the interactive matching suggests profiles of beautiful women from different countries. We can like, visit profiles, or add girls to favorites. We could see profiles that would come next, but returning to the previous one is not available. After you skip on a girl, there is no way of reversing it on the platform.

Such search way kept us interested for a long time, as it’s fun and easy. It’s a nice opportunity to contact ladies you wouldn’t contact otherwise.

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Dating experience on The Lucky Date

So, here is how our actual online dating went. Enjoy our romantic endeavors!

Ambitious Russian beauty

The first person that caught our attention was a beautiful blonde from Russia we found while testing the mobile version of the website.

The Russian beauty messaged us back in 2 or 3 minutes, as her indicator of status was ‘online’. Even though her English wasn’t perfect, she was very easy to talk to, and we got to create a lively conversation quite quickly. We were surprised that the girl was pursuing her second degree in economics and was planning to open an online clothing shop. There was a mutual interest, and we talked on and off during our test period.

Chinese stewardess

The profile of this lady was randomly offered to us by interactive matching of the dating platform. We haven’t chosen a specific location or age group. More than 10 photos on profile gained our trust and we messaged her and received an answer later on that day. As we found out this Chinese beauty workered as a stewardess and was looking for foreign friends, as keeping IRL relationships got tough with constant traveling.

As we weren’t getting quick replies, we switched to mail, as with it we were charged per letter and not per minute (we weren’t charged for waiting). In total, we exchanged 2 letters and a couple of messages, but waiting for an answer for a couple of hours and sometimes days killed the interest to the person, even though the interaction was initiated for research purposes.

Stunning Ukrainian lawyer

And our last but not least among the matches was a girl from Kiev. There were quite a lot of gorgeous ladies from that location, but when we saw that she was a lawyer from her profile details we got exited. We communicated through messages and it was as easy as a breeze. Her written English was fluent, and her general positivity made us feel like we were friends for ages.

During our conversation, we found out that the Ukrainian lawyer was looking for love. She was divorced and wanted to change her life by falling in love again and having children. There wasn’t any gold-digger vibes, as the woman was very intelligent, and appeared as a very self-relized person. At the end of our chat we told her about our testing of the site, and that we want to show Western guys if women are real, she giggled and told that many women who create profiles on the platform are probably wondering the same about men too.

What experts think about the dating siteThe Lucky Date

‘The Lucky Date provides access to comfortable communication with like-minded individuals. The site is probably one of the easiest to use in the niche. But there is not enough information about what real users think about the dating site.’-Adam Cohen, editor of The Lucky Date

‘Joining The Lucky Date comes with no risks. There are no subscription fees and obligatory payments. Members can test out the site before committing, which is great news. And multiple communication ways and advanced features facilitate positive user experience.’-Kevin Bennett, editor of

The Lucky Date life hacks

  1. Update your account regularly with new photos to get more attention from women
  2. Talk to no more than 3 women at a time not to lose concentration
  3. Benefit from the variety of free features before using paid ones

Add the highlighted text below

How to avoid scams on TheLuckyDate and similar dating websites

The truth is neither The Lucky Date app nor any other online dating site is 100% safe. There’s always a chance to meet a scammer, and you should always be careful when communicating with someone online. If so, does it mean that looking for a partner online isn’t the best idea? Not exactly. Scammers use the same schemes, and there are certain ways to avoid them on The Lucky Date or any other online dating platform:

  • Spot the same and auto-generated messages. If you’ve just joined the site and already received dozens of messages, it’s a bad sign. The same goes for the situation when different members send similar messages or Mails sound as if they were generated by a bot. These are good reasons to delete your account and add the site to your blacklist.
  • Ensure photos on one’s personal page are real. If you want to feel completely safe on a dating site, just check the photos of every user you’re going to contact using Google image search. It takes a few minutes, but you’ll see if the photos are stolen or not.
  • Ignore all the requests for financial help. That’s how communication with a scammer usually ends—you get close to someone attractive, start feeling like you’re in love, and then this person asks for money. It’s always a scam, no exception.
  • Protect your own data. Your personal and financial details shouldn’t be shared with anyone, under any circumstances. Protect any data that can be used to steal from you or to blackmail you. We also recommend being very careful with photos and videos that you share online.

If you follow these simple rules, you’ll be able to have a great, and most importantly, safe dating experience on any website, including TheLuckyDate.


After spending over 2 weeks on The Lucky Date, we are confident to recommend it to single guys who look for an easy way of meeting foreign women who are interested in foreign men. The platform is convenient; we liked sending and receiving messages the most and generally enjoyed our time on site. In our opinion, some services are priced high, but compared to the general market, costs are average. So, if you don’t have a preference for women from a specific country, The Lucky Date is a good option to explore.

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