The Best Ways That You Can Go Green That Are Not Boring


Let’s face it: right now, we should all be taking active steps to do more for the environment. It feels like there has been a news story every day on the latest development on climate change. We know that we are going to be seeing more and more extreme weather events from now on. We know that politicians and business leaders are making big statements about the ways in which they are going to make changes to prevent climate catastrophe. And we know a lot of the ways in which we can make a small difference.

One of the biggest misconceptions about changing our approaches to be more environmentally responsible is that it requires us to make boring decisions. We hear so much about what we need to stop doing, what we need to cut down on, expensive swaps that we need to make. But there is no reason why going green needs to be dull. The truth is that the best and brightest minds in every field are working on more sustainable solutions, and a change in perspective could be just what you need. Here are some of the most exciting ways that you can make greener choices.

Embrace A Plant Based Diet

When it comes to daily habits that we can change which will have a major impact on greenhouse emissions, our meat consumption is up there with the biggest culprits. Anyone who spent the holiday season with their families will tell you that there is always at least one relative who will proudly proclaim that they are never giving up meat, but there are plenty of reasons why it’s a good idea. The environmental impact is certainly one, your health is another (particularly when it comes to red and processed meats), but one of the biggest is that there are so many great plant-based alternatives now. You do not need to sacrifice flavor or enjoyment by going for a veggie or vegan diet. 

Go Electric With Your Next Car

Electric cars have been at the forefront of the push for green for a long time now, but there is still this misconception that an electric car is going to be this purely functional machine. Car manufacturers know that electric is the way of the future, and they have been working on making some amazing machines for the performance enthusiasts out there. There are several different models of amazing electric performance cars on the market and finding the best one for you will require you to be clear on what you want from it exactly. Compare makes it easy for you to search through options, providing a guide that allows you to learn more. It is also important to do your research so that you gather as much information as possible.

Buy Local Where You Can

It has become very easy to buy food and other products that have come from huge distances without really thinking about it. When we are shopping at the supermarket or making purchases online, we often do not think about where our purchases are coming from. But the environmental impact of these decisions can be huge. One of the easiest ways that you can cut down on your individual carbon footprint is to be a bit more careful about where your shopping is coming from. But this does not have to be a chore. Why not head down to your local farmer’s market to find some fresh produce that has been grown nearby? Find out what local stores are near you that source their wares locally and you will find that you are getting much better quality as well as fostering a relationship with local businesses. This is particularly good news for anyone who has been wanting to get into cooking, as you can always ask what your local greengrocer recommends for fresh ingredients and get tips for how to cook particular cuts of meat if you are not quite ready to say goodbye to it just yet. It’s all about moderation and doing what you feel comfortable with.

Discover The Best Kept Secrets Of Your Local Area

Anyone who has filled in one of those surveys to test their carbon footprint knows that one of the biggest culprits is always air travel. We should all be trying to cut down on the amount that we are flying, but this should be an incentive to discover the hidden treasures of our hometowns and the surrounding area. A staycation does not have to mean that you sit on the couch watching TV. Every city, every town has some fascinating local history, and why not think about getting out in the countryside for your next vacation? Put your walking boots on and discover the amazing landscape our nation has to offer.

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