The Best Online Head Shop in 2022 

The Best Online Head Shop in 2022

King Palm is truly a one-stop shop for cannabis smokers looking for smoking accessories. As an online head shop, it has a premium selection of products at affordable prices. The King Palm brand carries cool stoner clothes, rolling trays, weed grinders, slow burning pre-rolled cones, lighters, stickers, and a lot more. Their unique design and logo offer stylish-looking clothes, attractive bikinis, fun t-shirts, comfy loungewear, backpacks, duffle bags, plus many other items.

By joining up with several other companies, King Palm has created an online emporium to meet the needs of everyone. King Palm items can even be bought wholesale to be sold at other smoke shops, are carried on Amazon, and at 7-11 convenience stores.

Innovated And Natural Preroll Cones

King Palm has come to the market with the very best quality wraps, preroll cones, rolling trays, and filter tips. Today, they are the shining light of the smoking world by bringing mankind’s ancient past to the future. In fact, it began with our ancestors rolling their own natural and homegrown cigars from palm leaves. With this same efficient and all-natural attitude, King Palm came to the wrap and pre-roll market with their Cordia Palm leaves. 

Hand-rolled leaf

Established in 2016, King Palm has been the top operator of offering organic palm leaves for rolling marijuana. Quickly, this healthy alternative to the normal chemically infused tobacco leaf wraps sky-rocketed off the shelves. Starting with only leaf blunt cones, King Palm has turned the tides and now offers high-quality, superiorly made products like premium wraps, pre-rolls, papers, filters, and flavor-infused filter tips. 

Hand Rolled Leaf Blunt Cones For Sale

The quality leaf by King Palm begins with the very sentiment of bringing a pure, clean, and smooth smoking experience to any customer. Grown and harvested sustainably, the Cordia palm leaves are handpicked. They are then checked for quality, cleaned with purified water, and every single one is rolled and inspected by hand. It is the most health-conscious, eco-friendly, natural, sustainable wrap offered by any smoke shop today. 

Pre-rolled leaf cones are 100% tobacco-free. Not only is it free of the negative effects of nicotine but these wraps, pre-rolls, cones, papers, and filters do not contain any dyes or chemicals. This method keeps smoking at its simplest and most natural form. These Cordia wraps allow for the true flavor of the marijuana to be imparted on the smoker, with no gross after-taste of traditional tobacco wraps. To get the most enriching experience try the King Palm Gold, a pre-rolled cone that comes wrapped in real 24-karat gold rolling paper. With this type of pre-roll, the Cordia leaf is wrapped in gold instead of paper. This delivers a slow burn and extended smoothness during the heavenly smoking experience offered by the subtle vanilla flavor. 

How to Use Blunt Cones 

King Palm has made it easy for anyone to smoke out of these luxurious and natural pre-rolled cones. Even if a person has never smoked before, rolled a joint or blunt, touched a grinder, or even knows where to begin, King Palm has them covered. These pre-rolls come pre-shaped and ready to be filled. Any pack of King Palm leaf wraps will come with a humidity packet, to keep the leaves fresh and ready. There will also be a packing stick, sometimes made from bamboo and other times from acrylic. For these types of pre-rolls, it is often felt that a chunky grind will be the best to fill the pre-roll with. Chunky grinds are typically done with the 2-piece King Palm XL Grinder. However, any type of ground herb will work just fine.

After grinding up some marijuana, take a pinch or scoop and slowly add it into the cylinder-shaped, tube-like wrap. Packing it down every so often with the included stick. Make sure to pack the cone ever so firmly so that the marijuana is compacted on the inside. However, be sure that it is not too tight as it will prevent air from passing through, making a smooth and consistent smoke unlikely. From here, you can simply light up, relax, and enjoy from novice to master. 

420 Accessories for sale 

Everyone loves shopping and having the best quality items, which King Palm delivers on! Some of the unique and standout items of this headshop begin with stylish and unique ashtrays, to go with the leaf cones. There are glass and aluminum ashtrays, silicone snuffers, and the ever so tasteful and artistic Bermuda ashtray. It stands out due to its sophisticated style, delivering its own message in a bottle on the underside, “Navigate as the first voyagers and accept the challenges of the unknown…” This statement alone could be the conversation of many smoke sessions. 

Another item is the artisan lemon-scented soap. It is handmade by King Palm and has all-natural ingredients including coconut oil, oat protein, cold-pressed lemon oil, and unrefined hemp seed oil. The front is embossed with the soothing display of two palm trees amidst the sunshine on the edge of the open sea. 

Smoke clips often get overlooked and tend to be forgotten about in the quick grab of supplies for a smoke session. King Palm offers several well-designed smoke clips. Some of these clips come in black, gold, or black with a gold tip. They help keep your fingers and hands smoke-free, allow you to smoke without touching the roll, and give the option to smoke in the bath or pool. These clips add style and flair to any session but the Single Smoke Clip in Crystal gets a special mention. The handle is beautifully designed with gemstones with a clip that securely holds your King Palm. 

The Finest Online Smoke Shop

If looking for a place to shop for yourself, loved ones, friends, and family, King Palm is where to start. They have everything from flavor-infused filter tips, to organic and clean wraps and rolls, to luxurious humidor boxes and gold-wrapped pre-rolled cones. With everything to choose from and a range of prices, there is something here to be had for everyone. King Palm is at the forefront of the online head shop industry, providing customer service, satisfaction, and items that are better than any other smoke brand. 

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