The Benefits of Using a Business Formation Agent


If you’ve never formed a company, it may seem daunting. However, a company formation agency can explain the vocabulary, legal requirements, and registration process.

Before discussing how company formation agents aid limited liability business owners, let’s clarify their role.

Company formation agent: who are they, and what is their role?

A company formation agency is a third-party organization that helps individuals start their own enterprises. These agents make it simple to incorporate a business of any kind, so that it may be launched in an instant. Additional corporate services and continuing support are also provided, as well as professional advice and assistance with the business formation process.

Companies House is the official registrar in the United Kingdom, and only approved formation agents may incorporate (register) businesses with them.

What are the benefits of working with a company formation agent?

When compared to incorporating at Companies House, there are a number of advantages to using a company formation agency to set up a business in the United Kingdom. The key benefits of creating a corporation via an agent are outlined below.

1. Quick and simple business setup   

When working with a company formation agency, forming a business is a simple procedure. Their 5-minute online application is simple. Fintech Harbor Consulting is one of the many agencies that provides company formation services.

The vocabulary and legal criteria for forming a corporation are laid out in detail, allowing you to understand what information you must give and why. 

Most agents will provide many different business formation packages to choose from. Company formation agents UK will likely have a company formation package that is suitable for your needs, whether you just want to protect a company name, form a limited by shares company, set up a company as a non-UK resident, register a non-profit limited by guarantee company, or form a limited liability partnership (LLP).

After receiving your fully-filled application form, our staff will evaluate it thoroughly before electronically submitting it to Companies House for approval in as little as three to six working hours. A limited liability corporation may be formed and begin trading on the same day.

2. Acquiring Professional Guidance

The team of business formation experts is here to assist you. Some examples are:

  • Advice on how to set up your business or organization for maximum success
  • Help decide which of many business creation packages is right for you.
  • Helpful advice for deciding on a business name
  • Help needed to fill out an application
  • Help decide how to organize your limited liability company’s stock.
  • Your questions regarding forming and managing a limited liability business were answered.
  • Support and guidance all through the development of your company. 
  • Informational websites covering all aspects of limited liability firms

3. Pre-Submission Editing at No Cost

One broker, Fintech Harbor Consulting, provides a free pre-submission evaluation. This means a business formation specialist will review your application to ensure it is complete and professional.

The result is a considerable decrease in applications rejected for avoidable causes including misspellings, grammatical mistakes, mismatched letter cases, or missing content. Companies House approves 10% of applications. 

4. Complete collection of corporate records and registrars

A company creation agency often provides the initial board meeting minutes and company records, unlike Companies House, which simply provides the certificate of incorporation.

5. Company Registrations

Establishing a limited liability corporation usually requires a “registered office” in the country of creation. Directors, members, and PSCs must provide the company’s service address (mailing address).

Use your home address with caution—it will be public. If you value privacy, choose a business (non-residential) address.

Fintech Harbor Consulting professional business address services help consumers preserve anonymity and authenticity.