Technology Continues To Evolve And 5 Ways To Get Involved

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Whether you’re a corporate investor or a private one, your gaze should be firmly fixed on the opportunities provided by rapidly evolving technology.

Over the last two decades, the tech world has come on in leaps and bounds, spawning a mind-boggling variety of solutions and initiatives – from widespread broadband access to cryptocurrencies, social media networks, and carbon capture technology.

While some of these new tech innovations may have proven to be a mixed blessing, others look to be a potentially lucrative investment opportunity.

Read on to discover how you can tap into the rapid growth value of some of the most promising technological solutions that have been unveiled and continue to be unveiled so you can expand your investment portfolio and enhance your daily life.

Research EIS Investment Opportunities

You may have already heard about EIS investment and EIS investment opportunities. If not, and you are keen to explore this government scheme, you could be rewarded with a number of benefits, including EIS tax relief. You can learn more about EIS tax relief from investment experts Oxford Capital. It is best to work with investment experts, as they can best advise you through the process.

This initiative aims to find private investment for early-stage businesses across the UK, occupying technology sectors that have the potential to experience, high-value growth. These sectors include digital health, financial technology, and more.

Investing in EIS schemes can provide the opportunity for private investors to reap the benefits of these businesses’ success stories going forward, as their technology continues to develop and find new channels for more widespread adoption.

Explore The Potential Of AI

Artificial intelligence has been a hot topic for many years now, with its roots enmeshed in the science fiction novels of the early twentieth century. Alan Turing was the first to ponder what could be achieved with the use of intelligent machines, penning a paper on the subject in 1950.

At the time, technology was not advanced enough to make his vision a reality, but over the course of the next fifty years and more, their limitations were steadily removed as they became more refined – and more accessible. Artificial intelligence became a reality rather than a novelistic device or a gifted polymath’s concept, and substantial funds were channelled toward AI research, the field continued to evolve.

While AI has its detractors, it is predicted that expenditure on AI technologies could increase to between £27.2 billion and £35.6 billion by 2025. The various innovations that have been created as a result of AI development include smart robots, machine learning, and conversational platforms used in customer service systems. By investing in artificial intelligence or finding ways to incorporate this technology into your business processes, you will most likely find yourself at the receiving end of a number of benefits, both in terms of income and efficiency.

Invest In The Metaverse

The metaverse is arguably one of the most compelling developments in progress. Some of the biggest companies are keen to pour money into creating their own versions of this virtual reality universe. These include Google’s parent, Alphabet; Microsoft; and Meta itself (formerly Facebook).

Anyone who may be keen to get involved in the metaverse and potentially benefit from its possible success can do so through two primary channels. One is by purchasing assets inside the metaverse itself (such as non-fungible tokens, buying virtual land, or buying cryptocurrencies). Another is by investing in companies that have themselves invested in the metaverse.

Four main sectors stand to benefit from the creation and development of the metaverse; chip manufacturers, such as Nvidia and Qualcomm; technology platforms, such as the tech giants mentioned above; gaming platforms, such as Tencent; and software developers (in this case, Autodesk and Unity Software, which are both heavily involved in the metaverse.

Whichever avenue you choose to pursue to become involved in the metaverse, it’s important to be aware that this is still fledgling technology. As such, it comes with all of the risks associated with a new innovation.

Look To 5G

Last but not least, you may want to consider immersing yourself in the world of 5G stocks, as this technology continues to be rolled out across the world. According to the UK government, which is ramping up its investment in this new wireless generation, 5G connectivity will revolutionise people’s daily lives and boost business productivity, thanks to its lightning-fast Internet and its adoption by other forms of innovation including driverless cars.

If you are considering getting involved in 5G, you can do so either with your subscription, to enhance your home or business Internet usage, or as an investment. Some of the 5G stocks you may want to consider going forward include tech giants such as Google, Microsoft, Amazon, and Apple. However, you may wish to hedge your bets for the time being and wait more widespread adoption of this network across the globe before you begin investing your money.

As always, it’s best to be cautious, and remember – only invest what you can afford to lose.

The views expressed in this article are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the views or policies of The World Financial Review.