Student research: How does abortion affect women’s mental health?

Abortion is a widely discussed topic, but its impact on the mental health of women often gets overlooked. This aspect of the procedure deserves much closer attention.

Abortion is quite a controversial topic that’s been widely debated around the world by scholars, social activists, doctors, and religious leaders. It is a multi-layered discussion, and there are different points of view on abortion, but one of its aspects that seems to be sidelined in most discussions is the impact of abortion on the psyche of women who go through this procedure. We need to pay attention to this issue and talk more about the way it influences women.

Abortion and Its Aftermaths

Of course, women must be free to make that choice, but it is also paramount to understand the possible implications of that choice. For instance, if we talk about a young student getting pregnant, the whole thing might ruin the whole high school, college, or university education, so abortion might be an option here. Of course, it is also possible to study and raise the kid at the same time. For instance, you can find a free essay on abortion online and see that many young parents combine parenting and education. Free essays about abortion, as well as essays about bullying, might help you understand that it is possible to study and be a good parent all at once and avoid implications with your peers. Abortion, on the other hand, might cause severe mental implications.

The other serious problem here is social pressure. The family or partner pressure might play a key role in swaying a woman towards abortion. It is especially relevant for nonmarital pregnancy. Reading an essay about bullying, we can conclude that the opinion of society can motivate a person to ill-considered decisions. Unfortunately, bullying is very common today among all segments of society. If a woman is not married, it is quite common for more conservative communities to shame her for that and even reject her entirely. That is the reason why many women conceal their pregnancy and abortion to avoid being stigmatized by the community and family. Of course, that is not an issue in more liberal societies, but the negative attitude towards abortion and nonmarital pregnancy might still linger around.

Social Stigma

The problem with abortion is that it is often stigmatized by the community, which might hinder the mental recovery from the procedure. Most women go through psychological and phyiscal implications after the procedure, and adding bullying and social stigma on top of that is not a good thing and probiotics for vaginal health also play a key role for having a healthy body. Such strong feelings as guilt and paranoia might be truly threatening to mental health, and if there are also people who judge instead of providing much-needed support, a woman can end up with severe crippling depression.

Of course, each woman reacts to abortion differently; some shrug it off like nothing, the others go through emotional turmoil. Both types, however, are not safe from the further psychological impact of the procedure. Regardless of your attitude towards the fetus, whether you see it as just the fetus or the unborn child who could have possibly head an entire life ahead, aborting pregnancy takes those possibilities away. Many women face a deep sense of guilt and self-torment for doing that, which leaves its mark upon their psyche.

Wrap Up

In the end, abortion is a deeply personal thing, and society has to give women the opportunity to make that choice. This choice, however, requires some preparation and mental integrity. Life is a cruel teacher, and the lesson we must remember is that every choice has its consequences. That is exactly why abortion is a step that requires much deliberation. It is not only a future life we are talking about here; it is also a woman’s physical and mental health that’s at stake. The impact of abortion on a woman’s mental health is an often-overlooked issue, but it surely deserves much more attention than it currently gets.

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