Statistics of Players in Casinos in the World


There are many myths about casinos and their popularity among gamblers. It is time to know the truth. And in this post, we will share the most interesting information about what’s happening in the online gambling market.

The largest share of online casino visitors is occupied by people aged 21 to 45 years. There are more than half of them. In most countries of the world, minors are trying to protect themselves from gambling, so their share is small. As for the players over 45, there are also a lot of them as well (about 30%).

The average age of an active player is approximately 30 years. As a rule, these people are already making good money, which allows them to spend part of their income on entertainment. They actively use computers and mobile devices. For example, Oceanians prefer to play a $5 minimum deposit casino in Australia. If you want to know about the most reliable casinos, then we recommend the MinDepCasinos casino revision site with minimal deposits.

As for the division between men and women, the situation is approximately equal. According to statistics, there are slightly more men taking part in gambling. According to some data, their number reaches up to 57%. But this is already contrary to the generally accepted opinion that gambling is the destiny of exclusive males.

Education and Income Level

When it comes to the education and income level of gamblers, three primary groups can be distinguished:

  • Representatives of the middle class — People with higher education, work, and stable income. For them, gambling is one of the possible forms of leisure. And also a way to test your own strategies;
  • Low-income people — Their incomes are low and unstable, and there is no education. For them, playing in an online casino, in their opinion, is the only chance to get out of their plight;
  • High-level-income people — They often play for high stakes and enjoy various VIP privileges. For them, gambling is not only leisure but also a way to tickle their nerves, to feel the taste of life.

Casino gambling

Gambling Experience

Players of all skill levels love online casino games. Often, those who play social games go to casinos to wager real money, especially if their interest is fueled by bonuses and other special offers. The tastes of both beginners and experienced players can be completely different. Seasoned players are more familiar with RTP and the level of volatility of games and may not necessarily be as impressed with popular motives as newbies. By the same token, more experienced people will expect more from sports betting.

Popular Gambling Games in Different Regions

Users of online casinos and sportsbooks have the same tastes as their offline counterparts. Player preferences and engagement rates vary by region. European players love slots, board games such as blackjack, roulette, and baccarat, and betting on horse racing and sports such as football. The same goes for Australia and Canada.

Soccer betting is popular almost everywhere; other sports differ from market to market. In African countries like KY, NG, and others, soccer betting is concentrated mainly on European leagues, but in Latin America, bets are often made on local national leagues as well. 

One Australian study found that men are more likely to prefer strategic forms of gambling, such as board games like poker, blackjack, or sports betting, while women are more likely to choose chance games like slots. But such statistics will not be observed in other regions. Asian players enjoy playing Sic Bo, Dragon Tiger, Mahjong, and some other regional games. Indian players love the same games as Europeans, and some more specific to their region: Indian Rummy, Indian Flush, and Andar Bahar.

Mobile Applications & Mobile Casinos

In Europe, the share of mobile users is gradually increasing every year. By 2022, mobile devices will outpace desktop alternatives in popularity. A 2020 UKGC report found that in the UK, 50% of all online casino users place bets using their phones. Among the players aged 25-34, this figure is 72%, and among those who are from 18 to 24, it reaches 76% already.

The popularity of betting in Africa has spiked largely due to the development of mobile technologies. According to Geopoll’s research, in Kenya, 88% of sports bets were placed on a mobile device, with 55% of those bets being made at least once a week. As in many other industries, the future of gambling is online, and the future of the iGaming sector is in mobile devices. As a result, developers create games for mobile devices, and this often becomes a priority.


Considering all the above data, we can only say that there will be more young people in casinos over time. At the same time, there will be more females than males among the old players. Age and gender do not affect luck in any way because these are the individual characteristics of each individual person.

The views expressed in this article are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the views or policies of The World Financial Review.