September – October 2011

Manage the Culture Cycle
James L. Heskett

Companies around the globe are seeing results from professional coaching
International Coach Federation


Reinventing Finance: Top challenges facing today’s CFOs
Interview with Mike Donnellan of ACS

The Return Experience of Hedge Fund Investors
Ilia D. Dichev and Gwen Yu


FATCA- Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act
Dana Ward and Anne Stopford

The Privatization of Regulation in Global Markets: Winners and Losers in the Private Governance of Financial and Product Markets
Tim Büthe and Walter Mattli

International variation of drug prices can increase social welfare in the long run
Frank R. Lichtenberg


De-coding China-Africa Relations: Partnership for development or ‘(neo) colonialism by invitation’?
Fantu Cheru and Cyril Obi

Recasting Globalization’s Narrative
Dani Rodrik

The Future of Managing Facilities – Energy is King
Ken Baker

Opportunities for businesses caused by the challenge of climate change
Matthew E. Kahn

Financing the Developing World
Glenn Yago and Franklin Allen

Global Economic Development, Natural Resources and History
Edward B. Barbier


The End of Energy
Michael J. Graetz

Are Natural Resources a Curse for Growth? Lessons from history
Karen Clay

Free Trade Doesn’t Work: Why the Theory of Comparative Advantage is Wrong
Ian Fletcher


Innovation in Emerging Economies: China’s Run of the Red Queen
Dan Breznitz and Michael Murphree


The Irish Crisis
Phillip R. Lane