Security Techniques For Private Business

Security Techniques For Private Business

When thinking about a business concept, safety and security are often overlooked. Other factors like sales estimates usually trump concerns about security and the safety of company property. In many cases, security gets outsourced. When considering the hiring of another company to perform certain tasks, it helps to understand how a business partner will perform the tasks entrusted to him. The techniques used can vary, as Security Guard Services for Fort Worth will use different approaches to security work compared to a concierge service in Seattle.  

The tools of a security guard service 

The toolbox of a security guard service can be quite diverse. The more sophisticated a service is, the bigger the set of tools that can be provided by the service. Still the most important part of the whole system is the security guard. 

The security guard 

Of course, every security concept starts with the security guard. At night a security guard patrols the building and checks if all doors are properly closed. During the day Security guards can work on a control point at the entrance to make sure who and what enters the building. If there is a problem with an entrance permission or if a package has to be delivered, the security guard at the building entrance often doubles as a concierge. 

Additionally, security guards monitor all security cameras and decide if the police need to be called or there was just a false alarm by the security system. As part of this work, they also make sure all the devices used as part of the security system are running according to plan. 

Another job of the security guard is the prevention of fires. A security guard on patrol can register any developing fires early and stop them using one of the fire extinguishers that are readily available everywhere on company grounds.  

Recently drones have been added to the toolbox of security guards. They provide an extra set of eyes in the sky and can reach areas that are otherwise hard to control. 

Passive security measures 

Even if the security guard of a facility is only a Night Watchmen type employee without any special training his work can be made significantly easier by a well thought out passive protection scheme. The first line of defense for any building are walls. If an open area needs to be protected, then a fence fills that role. A building without walls or a fence can be easily accessed by anyone and invites crimes of opportunity. Additionally, a fence helps to protect against most wildlife that might damage company property. In high-risk areas the fence can be enforced with barbwire on top.  

Small extras like motion detectors help push of wildlife and intruders that look for targets of opportunity. Flood lights that are triggered by motion detector will also help with people dumping garbage or other things at a fence or wall. If a more elegant method is wanted, certain thick bushes can stop intruders. A combination of fence and bush is the most elegant and secure way of protection from trespassers.

Situated somewhere between active and passive measures the surveillance of property via CCTV is becoming more and more used in security services and thanks to cheaper cameras and control units this part of security systems is quite affordable. 

Another important part of passive security systems are smoke alarms and sprinkler systems that help prevent and extinguish fires

New techniques

Modern technology has influenced the work of a security guard. As in every other field AI can help the guards to work more effective in monitoring the many feeds of the security cameras. Wireless-Connections and the internet enable livestreams from security cameras to control centers on the other side of the globe and if necessary, this live feed can be accessed from everywhere by anyone with the necessary permission. 


Every Business should have a working security concept. For most smaller companies the security can be provided by experts from the outside like VP Security Guards. These experts are especially qualified to develop a sound security concept. The techniques used vary and are constantly developing but the security guard is the most important part of any security system.

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